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Former Powers Farm Site

Hampshire Hills Development
Jackson Township, Ocean County
PI #: G000004531


The former Powers Farm site is located north of Route 526 in Jackson Township, Ocean County. The former Powers Farm is located at the extreme southern edge of the 196-acre Hampshire Hills development.

During 1976, drummed and liquid wastes, including dry cleaning solvents, paints, and oils, were dumped on a small portion of the 35-acre Powers Farm. After the dumping was discovered, NJDEP, Ocean County Health Department (OCHD), and Jackson Township Board of Health (JBOH) worked together to remove the contaminated material. The cleanup included the removal of liquid waste, numerous drums, and almost 1,600 tons of soil. Several mounds of soil, which were examined visually and appeared relatively clean, were stockpiled and left on site at that time. This 1976 removal action was performed to the satisfaction of the NJDEP, OCHD, and JBOH.

In 1985, it was determined that additional cleanup was required at the site. To comply with NJDEP’s regulations, additional soil cleanup was conducted at the site by Jackson Enterprises, the then-current owner of Powers Farm. As part of the 1985 cleanup, over 925 additional tons of soil were removed and disposed at an out-of-state facility. At that time, it was also found that ground water beneath the former dumping area had been contaminated.

In 1987, K-Land Corporation No. 11, subsequently K-Jackson, LLC (K-Jackson), purchased the entire 196-acre Hampshire Hills property, including the former 35 acre Powers Farm. K-Jackson retained an environmental consultant, Sadat Associates, Inc., to help in testing and cleaning up the soils in this area. KJackson offered to finish the environmental cleanup needed to make the property safe for its residential and commercial project, and entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the NJDEP on October 21, 1994. Because drinking water for the Hampshire Hills development was to be provided by the Jackson Township Municipal Utilities Authority (JTMUA), the ground water contamination did not negatively affect the development plans.

In September 1999, K-Jackson began installing access roads and utilities within Section 2, which included the area where the dumping had occurred. While installing a storm water catch basin, a small area of soils was found that exhibited an odor. Work in this area ceased until K-Jackson notified the NJDEP, and the NJDEP and the OCHD responded. An additional area of soils, located partly beneath Piccadilly Drive, was excavated and disposed. Additional groundwater monitoring wells were installed in the vicinity and groundwater contaminant concentrations have been reduced several orders of magnitude.

An unrestricted no further action (NFA) letter was prepared by the NJDEP on September 3, 2002, for a portion of Section 2 and Section 4. In addition, an unrestricted NFA was also was provided by the NJDEP on February 25, 2003, for Sections 5, 6, and 7.

Current Conditions

K-Jackson is required to investigate and remediate the ground water and surface water.K-Jackson is also required to address ecological assessment and potential vapor intrusion issues for the future developed areas in Sections 2 and 3. An ecological assessment of the Eastern and Western Streams may be required to determine if there has been a detrimental impact to the surface water.


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