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Community Relations Community Relations Site List Montgomery Township Housing Development


Montgomery Township Housing Development

Robin Drive, Route 206 & Sycamore Lane
Montgomery Township, Somerset County
PI #: G000004872

BLOCK: 29002 LOT: 22 through 36

Community Relations Coordinator: Mindy Mumford (609) 777-1976

As of 28 June 2004

This site consists of approximately 77 private homes that were originally serviced by private potable wells. In 1978, trichloroethylene (TCE) contamination was found in the nearby Rocky Hill Municipal Well. The following year, private potable wells in the housing development were sampled and also found to have elevated levels of TCE. The source of the TCE contamination is believed to be a research facility on Route 518 in Montgomery Township. USEPA placed the Montgomery Township Housing Development on the National Priorities List of Superfund sites in 1983. A Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study (RI/FS) was initiated in 1986 to investigate this site along with the possibly related contamination at the Rocky Hill Municipal Well Superfund site. During the RI/FS, two Operable Units (OU) were established for the site: provision of a public water supply for the residents (OU1) and remediation of the contaminated ground water (OU2). In 1987, USEPA signed a Record of Decision (ROD) with NJDEP concurrence for OU1 that required the extension of public water lines into the Montgomery Township Housing Development. The majority of the residents had their homes connected to the water line between 1981 and 1990, but six residents chose not to connect. In 1988, after the RI/FS was completed, USEPA issued a ROD with NJDEP concurrence for OU2 that required installation of a remediation system to extract and treat the contaminated ground water. The Remedial Design for the ground water remediation system was started in 1991 but subsequently suspended due to an imminent settlement between USEPA and the Potentially Responsible Parties. However, the negotiations were not successful and USEPA resumed work on the Remedial Design in 1999. USEPA and NJDEP reached a tentative financial settlement with the Potentially Responsible Parties for the site in 2002. USEPA expects to complete the Remedial Design for the ground water remediation system in 2003 and begin construction of the system later in the year.

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