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Community Relations Community Relations Site List James H. James Landfill


James H. James Landfill

Schoolhouse Road
Brick Township, Ocean County
PI #: G000009534

BLOCK: 1422 LOT: 13, 14 & 19

Community Relations Coordinator: Heather Swartz (609) 984-7135

As of 28 June 2004

Originally a sand and gravel pit, a private company operated this site as a permitted solid waste landfill between 1975 and 1987. Household, commercial and agricultural wastes and other nonhazardous materials were disposed of in the landfill during this period. After landfilling activities ceased, the operator capped the site and installed a landfill gas collection system and methane flare to treat the methane and other gases produced by the decomposition of the buried wastes. The operator also implemented a 30-year post closure plan that included monitoring landfill gases in the subsurface soil at the perimeter of site and ground water quality in the immediate area. In the 1990s, a developer purchased land directly adjacent to the James Landfill and built homes on the properties. Several of the homeowners whose properties abutted the landfill later discovered buried trash on their properties. NJDEP's Remedial Response Element excavated test pits around the landfill in 2000 and confirmed the presence of uncapped buried trash at five residences on Blenheim Drive. NJDEP subsequently installed landfill gas monitoring wells at ten properties on this street to determine whether the buried trash was producing methane or other hazardous landfill gases at levels that might present a danger to the residents. Sampling of the landfill gas monitoring wells at the residential properties has consistently shown concentrations of methane gas that are below levels of concern. NJDEP is periodically sampling the landfill gas monitoring wells to evaluate methane production and ensure the safety of the nearby residents.


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