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Community Relations Community Relations Site List Crown Vantage Landfill


Crown Vantage Landfill

Route 619
Alexandria Township, Hunterdon County
PI #: G000009765

BLOCK: 17.01 LOT: 1.01

Community Relations Coordinator: Lynetter Lurig (609) 633-1314

As of 30 June 2004

The Crown Vantage Landfill is an inactive landfill located on the bank of the Delaware River in Alexandria Township. The landfill accepted various wastes for approximately forty years, beginning in the late 1930s. Coal ash, household trash, appliances, construction debris, chemical solvents, metal foil, waste paper and paper fiber sludge from a nearby paper company were reportedly deposited in the landfill while it was in operation. In 1991, the Responsible Party for the landfill conducted a preliminary investigation of the site in response to two Notices of Violations from NJDEP’s Division of Hazardous Waste Management and Division of Solid Waste Management. The investigation revealed there were approximately 800 drums on the surface of the landfill and volatile organic vapors present in the soil. The Responsible Party subsequently removed approximately 475 empty drums and 69 drums containing wastes, including flammable liquids. Sampling of the ground water conducted in 1994 did not reveal the presence of any volatile organic compounds at levels exceeding New Jersey ground water quality criteria. Arsenic and lead were detected in the ground water at levels exceeding applicable standards, but it is not known whether these were associated with disposal activities at the landfill. Numerous half-buried empty drum carcasses remained along the western edge of the landfill and there was an area of stained soil approximately 300 square feet in size that may have resulted from dumping of chemicals. In 2001, NJDEP was awarded funds from Crown Vantage Paper Company’s bankruptcy estate to conduct remedial work at the landfill. NJDEP’s Remedial Response Element removed drums and some contaminated soil, fenced the site and conducted limited soil sampling outside the fenced area in 2002. NJDEP is evaluating whether additional publicly funded remedial actions are required at the site.


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Please be advised that these cases labeled by OCR as inactive may still be undergoing remedial activities but OCR has no involvement. Documents that are available on this page associated with the inactive list may not reflect the current status of a case.

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