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Independence Township Ground Water Contamination

Route 46, Asbury Road & Ketchum Road
Independence Township, Warren County
PI #: G000011645

BLOCK: Various LOT: Various

Community Relations Coordinator: Mindy Mumford (609) 777-1976

As of 28 June 2004

Ground water contamination was discovered in this area in 1992, after sampling of a residential drinking water well indicated elevated levels of chlorinated volatile organic compounds. The Warren County Health Department subsequently tested 233 private potable wells in the Township and determined 49 of the wells were contaminated with chlorinated volatile organic compounds at levels exceeding New Jersey Drinking Water Standards, while others had traces of the same compounds. NJDEP installed Point-of-Entry Treatment (POET) systems on the wells that were contaminated above Drinking Water Standards as an interim measure to supply potable water for the residents. NJDEP’s Remedial Response Element delineated a Ground Water Impact Area (GWIA) for the site and completed a Remedial Action Selection (RAS) that concluded the most cost-effective longterm remedy was to extend public water lines to the 148 properties within the GWIA. Independence Township used funds provided by NJDEP to construct the water lines, connect the homes in the project area and restore the landscaping and roads. All activities related to the water line installation project were completed in 2001. NJDEP has identified a manufacturer of photoelectric devices that is located within the GWIA as a Potentially Responsible Party for the ground water contamination.


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