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Classification Exception Area (CEA) Forms

IMPORTANT: The Site Remediation Program has recently amended various program rules to adjust the fees for services provided by SRP. For the list of the current fees, check the SRP Fee Rules Guidance page.

Biennial Certification Form

The Technical Requirements for Site Remediation (see, N.J.A.C. 7:26E-8.4) require the persons responsible to maintain the engineering and institutional controls that are part of a remedial action for a contaminated site to: (1) maintain those controls, (2) perform periodic monitoring for compliance, and (3) submit biennial certifications to the Department that the engineering and institutional controls are being properly maintained and continue to be protective of public health and safety and of the environment. The benefits of the Department’s Covenant Not to Sue, for a site, may not be maintained if these biennial certifications are not made. These biennial certifications must also state the underlying facts and include the results of any tests or procedures performed to support the certification.

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