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Guidance Documents Vapor Intrusion Guidance New Method March 2007


New Analytical Method for Volatile Organics in Air NJDEP-LLTO-15- 3/2007
March 2007 (rev. March 2009, posted 13 April 2009)

Important Notice Concerning Revised NJDEP Low Level Method TO-15 for Air Analysis (LL TO-15)

Method NJDEP LL TO-15 (and the associated deliverables requirements, NJDEP LL TO 15 Appendix) has been revised.  The revisions have a revision date of March, 2009.  The revised method should promote additional opportunities for laboratories previously unable to meet all the method requirements.  Laboratories wishing to pursue certification are to follow the requirements of the revised method and appendix.  As laboratories are certified, the Department will ultimately require all Method TO-15 analyses to be conducted using the NJDEP low level air analytical method.

Original Notice (March 2007)

The laboratory certification process for the new NJDEP Low Level Method TO-15 air analytical method for volatile organics is currently in progress. As more laboratories are certified, the Department will require all Method TO-15 analyses to be conducted using the new NJDEP low level air analytical method. A notice will be posted on this web site when the required change to the new method will be in effect. It is recommended that interested parties periodically check this web site for additional updates on this issue.

The issuance of this new method is the first step in the formal progression to lower the reporting limits for the majority of the volatile organics required by NJDEP. This will move the reporting limits for some compounds closer to the health based criteria.

The NJDEP Site Remediation Program has developed criteria for a Low Level Volatile Organics Method for air sampling and analysis that will be used in place of the currently certified method USEPA TO-15 Method. The new method is designated as NJDEP-SRWM Low Level USEPA Method TO-15, March 2007 (NJDEP-LLTO-15 - 3/2007). The specific details of the requirements can be obtained directly from the NJDEP-LLTO-15 - 3/2007 method which is posted on the NJDEP Web site at

The documents related to this New Method are listed on this page.

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