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2.0 The Data Tables

A complete data deliverable requires three tables which must be submitted to SRP in three separate files. These files are:

  • The DATASET FILE which briefly defines the data being submitted;
  • The SAMPLE FILE which contains information about each sample collected; and
  • The RESULT FILE which contains the results of each sample's analysis.

There is a one-to-many relationship between the three files. For example, if you are reporting a dataset where five (5) samples were collected, and each sample was analyzed for twenty (20) different analytes, the tables submitted must be constructed as follows:

  • A Dataset Table with column headers and one (1) data record;
  • A Sample Table with column headers and five (5) sample data records; and
  • A Result Table with column headers and one hundred (100) analyte data records (5 samples x 20 analytes = 100 analytes).

Each row of data corresponds to one record in a text file.