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6.0 Data Submission

A new email option allows the EDD submitter to email SRP the EDD data tables. When using the email option, the submitter will receive an automated return email stating if the submittal passed or failed. If the submittal failed, a detailed explanation as to why the submittal failed is included in the return email. This allows submitters to promptly fix any errors, satisfying one of the major administrative requirements for all remedial phase reports.

To take advantage of the email option the submitter must attach all three EDD text files to an email and send the email to

The subject line of the email must include the Preferred ID and the SRPID (i.e. ISRA case number, Incident Number, UST Registration Number). The Preferred ID and the SRPID must be separated by a comma.

The body of the email must include the following separated by a return:

  • Case Name
  • Directory
  • Submit Date
  • Description (Site Name, Phase, Media)

The data should be emailed to at any time prior to the submittal of the key documents but not after the submittal of the key documents.

The EDSA7 data checker should be used for all data submittals to ensure accurate EDDs.

Emailing the data to SRP is the preferred method of submitting EDDs to SRP; however it is a voluntary option. SRP still accepts EDDs via a CD, along with the remedial phase reports and other submittals that require EDDs.

Example Email: