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HazsiteSRP-EDI ManualAppendix 3 HZRESULT Valid Values


Appendix 3.5: Possible laboratory-generated quality control sample values

    RESULTTYPE – Type and Descriptions
    • laboratory replicate
    • laboratory duplicate
    • laboratory fortified sample matrix spike (LFM)
    • laboratory fortified blank (LFB)
    • matrix spike (MS)
    • matrix spike duplicate (MSD)
    • laboratory control sample (LCS)
    • laboratory control sample duplicate (LCSD)
    • preparation blank
    • extraction blank
    • method blank (MB)
    • laboratory reagent blank (LRB)
    • instrument blank (IB)
    • calibration blank (CB)
    • initial calibration verification (ICV)
    • continuing calibration verification (CCV)
    • blank spike (BS or LCS)
    • blank spike duplicate (BSD or LCSD)
    • reporting limit laboratory control sample (RLLCS)
    • quality control sample (QCS, a blind sample generated by a third party outside the laboratory)