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Hazsite Changes - Compliance Date Change and Clarification
Updated November 2012

The Site Remediation Program (SRP) has extended the compliance date of the new electronic data deliverable (EDD) format from November 1, 2012 to November 15, 2012. The new EDD rules were announced in an August 3, 2012 listserv message entitled "SRP Announces Upcoming Changes to Hazsite/Electronic Data Submittal (EDS)" ("Hazsite Changes"), and are thoroughly explained in the updated version of the SRP "Electronic Data Interchange" (EDI) manual.

SRP would also like to make a clarification to the information included in the August 3, 2012 listserv message. The "Hazsite Changes" listserv message did not mention an important difference between "current data" and "older data." SRP realizes that electronic data deliverables for environmental samples that were collected and analyzed prior to the "Hazsite Changes" listserv message may have been prepared using an older EDD format. To ease the transition into the new EDD format, some fields that will be required for "current data" will not be required for "older data." The criteria for distinguishing "current data" from "older data" are:

  • "Current data" are all data with a sample date of November 15, 2012 or later; and
  • "Older data" are all data with a sample date of November 14, 2012 or earlier.

The EDI manual will be updated to include these criteria and will be posted on the SRP web site prior to November 15, 2012. Please review section 4.0, "Table Definitions and Field Definitions" for more details. The "Required" columns will identify which fields are required. A legend for the "Required" columns is at the end of section 4.

If you are submitting "older data" and have accurate and complete data for the new fields that are required for "current data," please feel free to submit these data as appropriate. Also, if you have accurate and complete data for any field that is not required, please feel free to submit these data as appropriate.

Thank you for your support in submitting EDDs.