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Changes to Electronic Data Deliverable Formats

1. DEP will no longer accept XLS files (January 1999)
2. DEP will now accept an ASCII tab delimited format (January 1999)
3. Fix of a software incompatibility issue (January 1999)
4. Site Remediation Newsletter article (June 1999 issue)
5. Electronic Data Deliverable FAQ page updated
6. EDSA7 User's Manual now available (27 July 1999)
7. New version of EDSA7 application available (27 July 1999)
8. Electronic Data Required for NFA (July 2000)
9. Field changes from EDSA 5.0 to EDSA 7.0 (August 2012)

9, 8, 7, 6, 5 and 4 are covered by the above links

The other items are below.

3. Fix of a software incompatibility issue

The DEP Site Remediation Program (SRP) has identified a major problem when using Microsoft Excel® to create .WK1 (1-2-3) files. This may result in the inappropriate rejection of electronic data submissions.

The DEP routinely receives .WK1 (1-2-3) files created in Microsoft Excel®. After running the EDSA7 checker the DEP may see an error message that states "Mandatory Field has been left blank" even though the field contains data. It appears that the data has not been saved in a true .WK1 format. Columns that contain both numeric entries and text entries are incorrectly read by a number of common applications.

There are two ways to fix this problem. One involves saving the files in an ASCII tab delimited format. For this reason, ASCII tab delimited files are now acceptable formats for electronic data deliverable. The file should include the .DBF headings, and the file must have a .TXT extension. The second solution is to enter a single quote before each numeric record. For more information, see the detailed instructions below.


  1. Review the Sample or Results Error Report provided by the EDSA7 application. (You should run the EDSA7 application, or the DEP will have provided the error report to you). If the error report states that a "Mandatory field has been left blank", you need to determine if you have been affected by the problem stated above.
  2. Go back to your appropriate file (HZSAMPLE or HZRESULT) and check the Record Number indicated on the Error Report. REMEMBER to add "1" to the Record Number to determine which Row to check, i.e., Record Number 3 is actually Row 4 of the spreadsheet.
  3. If there is data in the cell you are checking, then your application is not saving that in a .WK1 format.
  4. At this point, there are two fixes. Either save as an ASCII file, or place a single quote " ' " in front of each problem record
    1. To Save as an ASCII file: In Excel®, from "File" on the Main Menu, go to "Save As" and then "Save As Type" and select "Text (tab delimited)". YOU MUST delete the files you have replaced.
    2. To Save as a Label: If you have only a few problem records, it may be simpler to put a single quote " ' " in front of the data in the affected cells. This will cause that data to be treated like a label or text field. In this case you would still save the file in the .WK1 (1-2-3) format. (NOTE: When Saving As a .WK1 (1-2-3), Excel® will pop-up a warning that says you may lose formatting. DO NOT resave. This will cause the file to be converted back to Excel® format, and therefore rejected by SRP.)
  5. DEP will now accept an ASCII tab delimited format

2. Due to issues outlined above, DEP will now accept ASCII tab delimited formats.

Info about saving ASCII tab delimited files

1. DEP will no longer accept .XLS files

DEP SRP applies several tools to the electronic data submissions to determine acceptability. Currently there are 4 possible acceptable formats. This has resulted in implementation difficulties due to compatibility issues among different applications. To reduce format compatibility problems, SRP is now accepting ASCII files, and will be phasing out other formats in the future.

Furthermore, effective immediately, SRP is no longer accepting XLS file formats for electronic data submissions. As of 1/28/99 you will be asked to resubmit XLS-formatted data in either ASCII, .WK1 or .DBF format.