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SRP Listserv Information

What is a "Listserv" or a "Maillist?"

A listserv is short for an electronic mailing list server. It is a program that handles subscription requests for a mailing list and distributes new messages, announcements, or other postings to the entire list of subscribers.

NOTE: The SRWM listservs send out postings from the SRP people administering the individual listserv. If you try to post to the listserv, the message will be sent to the administrator for that listserv, not to all the listserv subscribers.

Technically, a "maillist" is short for an electronic mailing list and is not the same as a "listserv" or "list server." Informally, it is sometimes used interchangeably with "listserv." To avoid confusing people with the two term, the SRP site is using "listserv" to include "maillist" as well.

Note: A list server should not be confused with a mail server, which handles incoming and outgoing email for Internet users.

How do I use a Listserv? Is there a listing of common commands?

You can get a listing of common commands by sending email to with a line in the message body saying


and you should shortly receive an email with the information.

I subscribed to an SRWM Listserv but didn't get any emails. What's happening?

At the very least, you should have received two initial emails upon successful subscription. If you've received the initial emails, it may be that no new postings have been sent to the listserv.

If you did not receive the initial emails and it has been several days, there can be many reasons for this. Among them:

  • You may have mistyped your email address when you subscribed. You can try again.

  • If you are not receiving other emails, there may be a disruption of your Internet service or email connection.

  • The emails from the listserv may be blocked, filtered out, or automatically deleted by your Internet Service Provider or various systems in the Internet connection. Although this is rare, it can happen. You can try another computer and/or email account to subscribe to the listserv to see if that works.
I don't want to continue receiving the Listserv emails. How do I stop them?

For the SRP listservs, simply email the command "unsubscribe" followed by the list name in the email's message.

If you are subscribed to a listserv call "demo-list," the email message text would be:

unsubscribe demo-list

To remove an address other than the one from which you're sending the request, give that address in the command:

unsubscribe demo-list subscribed_email_address

Where subscribed_email_address is whatever email address you used to subscribe to the listserv.

In either of these cases, you can tell to remove the address in question from all lists on this server by using "*" in place of the list name:

unsubscribe *
unsubscribe * subscribed_email_address

I don't know why I am receiving these emails. Are you trying spam me?

The NJDEP Site Remediation Program is not seeking to spam (send unsolicited bulk emails) anybody.

It is possible that you subscribed to a listserv by accident or forgot that you subscribed. It is possible that another person signed your email address onto the listserv.

In either case, you can use the unsubscribe commands described above. If it does seem that somebody forged your email address to subscribe you without your consent, contact


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