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Training and Resource Disclaimer

The Site Remediation Program has provided these help/training materials and FAQs as a general guide in response to requests for information about the licensed site remediation professional program. These materials are designed to provide general information about the program. Therefore, the regulated community Licensed Site Remediation Professionals (LSRP) and other Environmental Professionals should not consider these materials as a sole information source sufficient in itself to dictate any outcome or decision on the remediation of a contaminated site. Rather, this material should be utilized to as the first step in the road map to successfully navigate the Site Remediation Program utilizing an LSRP, or following the traditional paradigm of remediating sites with Department oversight until May 2012.

Important Messages

  1. Affirmative Obligation to Cleanup
  2. Training and Resource Disclaimer
  3. Variances and the Use of Best Professional Judgement

II. Administrative Processes - Quick Reference Guides

  1. New ISRA Cases
  2. New Discharge Cases
  3. New UST Cases
  4. Existing Cases Opting into the LSRP Program
  5. Existing Cases NOT opting in to LSRP program
  6. Alternative ISRA compliance options for existing ISRA cases
  7. Alternative ISRA compliance options for new ISRA cases
  8. UHOT - Unregulated Heating Oil Tank remediation cases

III. New responsibilities for ALL cases - Quick Reference Guides

  1. Immediate Environmental Concern (IEC) Overall process
  2. Receptor evaluation Posted 6 June 2010
  3. LNAPL Free Product Remedial Requirements
  4. Remedial action permits
    1. Soil
    2. Ground Water
  5. Discharge permits

    1. Discharge to Ground Water Proposals
    2. Discharge to Surface Water Proposals
  6. Summary of Regulatory and Mandatory Timeframes
  7. Reporting and forms/CID etc
  8. Public notification
  9. Remediation Funding Source and Financial Assurance

V. Miscellaneous

  1. Acronym glossary
    1. Acronyms Glossary with Definitions
    2. Printable List of Acronyms without Definitions
  2. Exceptions - Who does not need to hire an LSRP
  3. SRRA - Related FAQs