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DRBC Outreach/Education
Educational Videos

Several educational videos have been developed as part of DRBC's public outreach campaign Our Shared Waters: A Look at the Delaware River Basin.

Good Bugs Mean Healthy Rivers

Join DRBC's Aquatic Biologist as he collects a water sample from the Delaware River to see what types of macroinvertebrates he finds.

Macro...what??? Macroinvertebrates are aquatic insects that can help scientists tell how healthy a river is. They are an important part of biological monitoring studies.

After watching the video, visit https://www.oursharedwaters.org/resources to take the quiz and download your macroinvertebrate junior expert badge.

This video was created for the Delaware River Festival, which was held virtually in 2020. 



Baseball Rubbing Mud

Learn about the connection between baseball and the Delaware River Basin and see how to properly mud a ball with former Phillies Pitcher Cole Irvin!



Do It Yourself Horseshoe Crab Hat!

Let's make a horseshoe crab hat! Horseshoe crabs are an important species that live in the ocean and visit the shores of the Delaware Bay each spring to lay their eggs. In fact, they do this here more than anywhere else on the East Coast! Visit https://www.oursharedwaters.org/resources to download the template and follow along with William.



Do It Yourself (Freshwater) Mussel Hat!

Join this brother & sister team as they make their own freshwater mussel hats. Freshwater mussels are an important part of a river's ecosystem, stabilizing streambeds and cleaning the water they live in! Download the template at https://www.oursharedwaters.org/resources to craft along with Collin & Alexandra.