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School Finance

Revisions to the 2015-16 Audit Program

Click on the pages referenced below to print the revised pages to the Audit Program
The pages listed below from the fiscal year 2015-16 Audit Program have been revised to reflect changes related to the following:


Date Revision Posted



July 15, 2016

  • Added Nonpublic Security Aid to listing of state aid and state grant account numbers

II 20.3a
II 20.3b

July 22, 2016

  • Included link to the 2015-16 Memo and reimbursement form.
  • Revised pages to reflect the actual

2015-16 pension rate for the TPAF and Social Security reimbursement. 


July 26, 2016

  • Revised reference to 2 CFR 200.42 for definition of Federal program.


August 25, 2016

  • The 2016 edition of OMB A-133 Compliance Supplement is available online at:

  • Any reference to the draft guidelines should be reviewed to ensure that nothing changed in the final 2016 Supplement posted by OMB.


August 25, 2016

  • The New Jersey Department of Treasury, Division of Pensions and Benefits has released the audit report containing the opinion of the plan's independent auditor, the audited numbers, and accompanying notes and disclosures for each plan.