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School Finance

Nonpublic School Services Applications

Nonpublic Project Completion Report

This system is used to file the Project Completion Report for Nonpublic Student Services under Chapters 192 and 193, Public Laws of 1977 (as amended). The automated Chapters 192 and 193 Project Completion Report is a component of the Nonpublic Project Completion Reporting System (NPCR). Districts must report number of student services provided and expenditures for services provided in the reporting year.

The Nonpublic Project Completion Report is available at, the system is NPCR.

Ch 192-193 Funding Statement and Additional Funding Request

This system must be used when the public school district responsible for Chapter 192 and Chapter 193 services needs to request additional state funds to provide services for additional pupils identified under the provisions of Chapters 192 and 193.  It is to be used only when the present funding level is insufficient to provide services for the additional students identified.  If requests for additional funding are approved and funds are available from refunds of the prior year, payment will be made in the current school year.

The Chapters 192 and 193 Additional Funding System is available at, the system is ADDL.

Report of Nonpublic Auxiliary and Handicapped Services

This is the report of the number of nonpublic school pupils identified as eligible to receive Auxiliary Services under NJSA 18A:46A-1 et seq. (Chapter 192, Laws of 1977, as amended) and Handicapped Services under NJSA 18A:46-6,8,19.1 et seq. (Chapter 193, Laws of 1977, as amended).  The report includes the estimated costs of transportation and/or vehicular classroom maintenance required for nonpublic school pupils to receive services under Chapter 192 and Chapter 193.    Information contained in this report will be the basis on which the Department will request state aid for the next school year.

The Report of Nonpublic Auxiliary and Handicapped Services is available at, the system is Ch192-193.