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Deputy Commissioners

Deborah Hartel Headshot

Deborah Hartel

Deputy Commissioner, Integrated Health

Jeff Brown headshot

Jeff Brown

Deputy Commissioner, Health Systems

Kelly Anderson-Thomas headshot

Kelly Anderson-Thomas

Deputy Commissioner, Public Health Services

Senior Staff

Thalia Sirjue Headshot

Thalia Sirjue

Chief of Staff

Alex Zhang headshot

Alex Zhang

Acting Chief Medical Examiner

Amanda Medina-Forrester headshot

Amanda Medina-Forrester

Executive Director, Minority and Multicultural Health

Ann Kopczynski Headshot

Ann Kopczynski

Director, Human Resource Services

Ann Marie Flory Headshot

Ann Marie Flory

Assistant Commissioner, Division of Behavioral Health

Casi Golaszewski Headshot

Casi Golaszewski

Executive Director, Office of Long-Term Care Resiliency

Christina Tan Headshot

Christina Tan

State Epidemiologist and Assistant Commissioner, Epidemiology, Environmental and Occupational Health

Cullen McAufliffe headshot

Cullen McAuliffe

Deputy Director, Policy, Legislative Services, and Constituent Relations

Dalya Ewais Headshot

Dalya Ewais

Director, Office of Communications

Dana Johnson Headshot

Dana Johnson

Assistant Commissioner, Public Health Infrastructure, Laboratories & Emergency Preparedness

Donald Eckel headshot

Donald Eckel

Chief Information Security Officer

Eileen Troutman Headshot

Eileen Troutman

Chief Information Officer

Eric Anderson Headshot

Eric Anderson

Chief Financial Officer/Division Director, Management and Administration

Frank Maimone Headshot

Frank Maimone

Director/EE/AA Officer, Diversity and Equity Services

Greta Anschuetz Headshot

Greta Anschuetz

Assistant Commissioner, HIV, STD, and TB Services

Iris Jones Headshot

Iris Jones

Executive Director, Office of Women's Health

Kimberly Jenkins Headshot

Kimberly Jenkins

Director, Office of Legal and Regulatory Compliance (OLRC)

Medha Havnurkar Headshot

Medha Havnurkar

Director, Office of Workforce Planning and Professional Development

Mehnaz Mustafa Headshot

Mehnaz Mustafa

Executive Director, Data and Analytics

Michele Calvo headshot

Michele Calvo

Director, Opioid Response and Policy

Nancy Scotto-Rosato Headshot

Nancy Scotto-Rosato

Assistant Commissioner, Family Health Services

Nashon Hornsby Headshot

Nashon Hornsby

Assistant Commissioner, Community Health

Noah Glyn headshot

Noah Glyn

Executive Director, Office of Health Care Financing

Pamela Lebak Headshot

Pamela Lebak

Assistant Commissioner, Health Facility Survey and Field Operations

Rachel Hammond headshot

Rachel Hammond

Chief Ethics and Data Privacy Officer

Rosaline Finney headshot

Rosalind Finney

Division Director, Public Health and Environmental Laboratories

Rosie Driscoll headshot

Rosie Driscoll

Director of Policy, Legislative Services, and Constituent Relations

Shereen Semple Headshot

Shereen Semple

Director, Local Public Health

Stefanie Mozgai Headshot

Stefanie Mozgai

Assistant Commissioner, Certificate of Need and Licensing

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