Environmental Health

EC Electroplating/Garfield Chromium Groundwater Contamination Site Garfield, Bergen County

Health Investigation Reports

The New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) and the federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) collaborate on Health Assessments and Consultations that attempt to:

  • identify actual and possible human exposure to contaminated sites, and
  • determine the potential health effects those exposures could cause.

October 2011
Public Health Consultation [pdf 329k] Incidence of Selected Cancer Types in the Neighborhood Near the Garfield Ground Water Contamination Site.

September 2010
A Public Health Advisory [pdf 860 k] related to this site was issued by the federal ATSDR, and was based on a Letter Health Consultation [pdf 308 k] issued by the NJDOH.  The advisory and health consultation are based on data collected in 2010 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

ATSDR, NJDOH and the EPA caution residents in the area of the site to stay out of basements to prevent possible exposure to hexavalent chromium. Residents should contact EPA if their property has not been evaluated, and should contact EPA immediately if they see yellow dust or crystals in the basement of their homes, which may be signs of hexavalent chromium contamination.

April – May 2010
In May, NJDOH, ATSDR and EPA held a community meeting in Garfield to discuss the findings of an April 2010 health consultation.  This consultation was based on earlier data collected in 2009 by the EPA.

Citizen’s Guides summarize of the technical Health Assessment and Health Consultation documents.  Citizen's Guide to the April 2010 Health Consultation:

Frequently Asked Questions [pdf 13k]

September 2007
Health Consultation September 2007[pdf 639 kb]  -- Issued to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency by NJDOH and ATSDR.

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Garfield Site Information

For more information on the Garfield site, visit the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency web page.

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Resources on Chromium

ATSDR's Toxic Substances Portal page on chromium.

Case Studies in Environmental Medicine The ATSDR has developed instructional materials to help health care providers evaluate potentially exposed patients and better understand specific chemicals in the environment.

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Last Reviewed: 2/17/2017