Did You Know?

WIC provides mothers and families with about $60 per month in nutrition benefits for each child on the program, but WIC doesn't just provide food. WIC is a network designed for mothers.

That WIC network provides your patients with something our most vulnerable populations often lack: a community of support. With WIC, your patient will find a community of nutritionists, lactation consultants, professionals and peers. The WIC community listens and shares information while providing guidance and moral support. We connect mothers while educating them and learning from them.


The suggestions physicians and healthcare professionals make to their patients are powerful. Help us keep your patients connected to WIC.

WIC Is Not Just For Babies

Help your patients by helping New Jersey WIC spread the word: Families can qualify for WIC until their child's fifth birthday. Unfortunately, many new mothers drop off WIC when their children reach 12-18 months of age.

The many local WIC offices across New Jersey offer appointments on evenings, weekends, and other times that best accommodate the schedules of young and busy families. Please encourage your eligible patients and their families to enroll in New Jersey WIC.

WIC Provides Referrals

Food and nutrition are only part of a healthy life. WIC participants can get referrals for healthcare professionals, dental services, immunizations and social services including substance abuse and domestic abuse counseling. Contact your local agency for information.

New Jersey WIC Exempt Infant Formulas & WIC-Eligible Nutritionals

Participants who require Exempt formula or WIC-eligible Nutritionals due to a qualifying medical condition must submit a completed New Jersey WIC Services Medical Documentation Request for WIC Formulas and WIC Approved Supplemental Foods (WIC-11) to their WIC Clinic. See the current Authorized Exempt Formula and WIC-eligible Nutritionals list.

Last Reviewed: 8/22/2023