NJ WIC Vendor Frequently Asked Question

1.       How can I reach a representative from the State WIC office?

 A.      Inquiries can be sent via email at:  NJ.WICVendor@doh.nj.gov.

 2.       I submitted my application to become a NJ WIC authorized Vendor and all requested documents, what are the next steps?

 A.      Upon receipt of the application, the State Agency will review the submission to determine if the Vendor has established the capability to fulfill the responsibilities of a WIC Vendor. The State Agency shall review the submitted application to ensure for accuracy and completeness. Assuming all sections of the application are complete, an unannounced visit to your store location is then scheduled for a later date. If for any reason your application is incomplete or the State office needs more information, a State representative will contact you either by mail, e-mail or both.


3.       How long does the process take to become a NJ WIC Authorized Vendor?

A.      The State Agency has 120 days to process your application from the time you submit your Initial Vendor Assessment to issuance of your authorization stamp.  The fastest way to move forward in the process is to ensure you submit a properly completed application as well as respond to any requests for more information BEFORE the post- marked date listed on the letter.  For a detailed, step-by-step look at the Vendor application process, click here (link to milestones).

 4.       I am the store owner, but I cannot attend my scheduled training.  Can I send someone in my place?

 A.      Yes, the store owner is not required to be present for training.  Only one designated store representative is required.

If you cannot attend your mandatory Interactive Vendor Training on the scheduled date, you will need to send representation from your store to the training. It is suggested that the staff member you select is someone who will be responsible for the daily supervision of cashiers and WIC transactions. Failure to attend the mandatory vendor training will prevent your store from participating as an authorized WIC vendor.

 5.       What is my Stamp number?

 A.      Your stamp number is unique to your store and has four (4) numerical characters. It can be found on the most recent physical stamp issued to your store which you use to endorse all checks.

 6.       My stamp is out of ink/damaged.  What should I do?

 A.      Stamps that are damaged or out of ink should be reported to the State Agency.  A new stamp or replacement ink will be sent to you. 

 7.       My stamp is lost/stolen.  What should I do?

 A.       All lost or stolen WIC stamps should be reported to the State Agency immediately so that a new stamp can be sent to you.  In the case of a lost or stolen stamp, your store can continue to accept WIC so long as it has been reported.

 8.        I am in the process of selling my store, is my WIC authorization transferable?

 A.      NJ WIC authorizations are unique to the store owner; NOT to a physical store location and therefore authorization is non-transferrable.  If you are selling your business, please notify the State Agency in writing and return your stamp to:

New Jersey Department of Health

Family Health Services


Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children

WIC - Vendor Unit

P.O. Box 364

Trenton, NJ 08625-0364

The new store owner will be required to complete the New Vendor Authorization process separately.

 9.       What is the maximum amount the State Agency will pay for a food instrument?

 A.      Maximum amounts are not provided to the public. However, you can view peer group averages  here.

 10.   How do I make a price change?

A.       If you would like to submit a price change for a NJ WIC-allowable food item, please visit the Vendor section of the NJ WIC website and locate the green box titled “Resources for Current and Prospective WIC Vendors” on the right side of the page.  There you will be able to click the link “Report Price Changes” to submit your revisions.  Your submission(s) will be reviewed by a State Agency representative and approved when applicable.

 11.   I don’t carry (Product X), am I still eligible to become an authorized WIC Vendor?

 A.      Please refer to the NJ WIC Vendor Minimum Stock Requirements page for a list of acceptable WIC items and the required minimum stock requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions
Last Reviewed: 1/6/2020