Your Collective Bargaining Agreement is going to expire in 60 days. Now what?
The National Labor Relations Act requires that employers or the representative of the employees who are covered by a collective bargaining agreement provide written notice to the other party 60 days prior to the expiration ate of a proposed termination or modification of a collective bargaining agreement.  The Act also calls for notice to be provided to the NJSBM and the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS).

The Notice to Mediation Agencies (F-7) found on FMCS’s website at should be sent the State and Federal Mediation Agencies:

        New Jersey State Board of Mediation
        Two Gateway Center
        283-299 Market Street, 8th Floor
        Newark, New Jersey 07102

        Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
        2100 K Street NW
        Washington, D.C. 20427
Upon receipt of the Notice by the Board, a professional mediator will be in contact with the involved parties to the collective bargaining agreement to offer mediation services.

Updated: 03/18/2021