How do I request an election by the Board?
A Labor Organization can simply call the NJSBM and request election services
What types of election services are available?
The NJSBM offers the following election services:
  1. Assist with preparation of the Notice of Election and Nomination
  2. Conduct Nomination Meeting
  3. Conduct Candidate’s Meeting covering acceptable and unacceptable election campaigning
  4. Assist in preparation of ballot including instructions and order of candidates
  5. Open Post Office Box
  6. Arrange printing and mailing of Ballots
  7. Receive undeliverable or return to sender Ballots and send out duplicates with updated address as provided by union
  8. Pick-up Ballots from Post Office
  9. Tally and Certify results of Election
How much does it cost for the Board to provide Election Services?
There is no charge for Election Services provided by the NJSBM
Updated: 03/18/2021