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The written word is powerful. Words can teach and entertain. Words can influence public opinion and perception. Words have the power to win hearts and minds.

Your words can make a major impact on mental health stigma. Send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper that expresses your point of view. By doing so, you will engage and educate the paper's readership. To send a letter to the editor, go to any newspaper's website and look for the section entitled "Letters to the Editor" or "Editorial" or "Op Ed."

You might also want to share newsworthy information related to mental health stigma, for example, an event or initiative. Write a press release and get it out to the media outlets. If you are not sure who to contact at first, reach out to the editor, managing editor, or in the case of broadcast media, the producer and/or executive producer. Otherwise, look up contacts by category, such as breaking news, health, and/or geographical region.

Use mental health stigma as the subject for your term paper or school composition. You can also write about your experiences and submit them to organizations in New Jersey dedicated to the issue of mental health, such as the New Jersey Governor’s Council on Mental Health Stigma. Perhaps you might prefer communicating through poetry or writing a book about your journey. No matter how you choose to express yourself, your story counts, and sharing it will provide inspiration and enlightenment.

Click here for Stories Inspiring Progress and consider submitting your story to be considered for being shared on this website. This page includes instructions for sending written stories and videos for consideration to be posted on this web page.

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