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Although symptoms of depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders may be similar between adults and youth, the symptoms may be exhibited in distinct ways by each age group. This resource page was created to provide information and resources specifically for adults, including the elderly population.

Older Adults Are Extremely Vulnerable

According to the Surgeon General's Report on Mental Health, conditions such as depression, Alzheimer's disease, anxiety, and late-life schizophrenia can be severely impairing - even fatal - in older adults if left untreated. In the United States, the rate of suicide - which is frequently a consequence of depression - is highest among older adults relative to all other age groups.

Unfortunately, in addition to the stigma of mental illness, older adults face age discrimination. When presenting their concerns to doctors, friends, and even loved ones, these concerns are often dismissed as simply being a part of the aging process. As a result, older adults suffer needlessly at a time in their lives when they deserve to experience wellbeing, with dignity.

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