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Unite New Jersey Veterans is a digital platform designed to empower frontline Veteran service providers to quickly and securely refer New Jersey Veterans to the resources and services they need. The platform will modernize the way Veterans are connected to assistance with benefits, employment, education, housing, and mental health programs.

DMAVA is currently in the initial implementation phase of this program. Starting now, New Jersey’s community-based non-profit providers serving Veterans and their family members can join the Unite New Jersey Veterans network for free and utilize the platform to coordinate social services for their clients. Over the coming weeks, DMAVA will onboard its programs onto the platform to be able to receive referrals from the community for Veterans in need of services.

If you are a Veterans service provider, please click the following link to access the registration page, hosted by United Us, the company with whom DMAVA has contracted to provide this referral platform and its services.

By filling out and submitting the linked form, community-based non-profit service providers will begin the onboarding process with Unite Us to receive free access to the Unite New Jersey Veterans network. After submitting the form, a team member from Unite Us will reach out to your organization to schedule the initial introduction and training. The initial meeting typically lasts between 60-90 minutes. Once trained, licensed entities can leverage the platform to coordinate health, human, and social services for their clients. The platform includes case management functionality, the ability to send and receive cross-sector closed loop referrals to other providers in the network, a resource directory of in-network services, and data dashboards that will help your organization interact with meaningful insights into your client population. The platform also includes additional training and support through an online library of self-paced educational videos and live training events. You may also request additional training from the Unite Us team to discuss your organization’s specific challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Veteran user experience? Will Veterans also access the platform?
A: The Unite New Jersey Veterans platform has been intentionally created to support Veterans’ access to care without a client portal, removing the burden on Veterans to access a web-based platform through usernames and passwords. The platform has been designed to empower community providers to manage Veterans’ transitions between services while providing Veterans with updates on their care journey, such as scheduled appointment reminders and referral status updates via direct text and email notifications. DMAVA and Unite Us, the company behind the Unite New Jersey Veterans platform, will ensure Veterans in need have access to self-directed care options through web-based Assistance Request Forms to empower Veterans in making their own care decisions.

Q: What Veteran Service providers should join Unite New Jersey Veterans?
A: The scope of Veteran Service providers include partners delivering a broad range of services such as housing, employment support, food assistance, behavioral health support, and utilities assistance, as well as healthcare entities, educational institutions, and other social resources. The vision of Unite New Jersey Veterans is cross-sector care coordination to strengthen existing partnerships, unlock new potential in every community, and enhance the care continuum for those who served.

Q: How is Veteran data protected?
A: The State of New Jersey has a number of security requirements and technical assessments that must be accomplished as part of the platform’s use and activation. Coordinated through New Jersey’s Office of Information Technology, requirements and assessments span physical, administrative, and technical controls such as encryption and vulnerability monitoring. Multiple federal and state regulations apply including HIPAA, 42 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) Part 2, and FERPA (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).

Prior to sending a referral into the network on behalf of a Veteran in need, providers will need to capture the Veteran’s informed consent. No information can be shared about an individual on the platform without consent. Consent status is visible to the providers who are directly serving the client at any time within the application. A Veteran or family member may revoke his or her consent at any time, for any reason, by contacting Unite Us or by contacting any organization the Veteran may be working with. When the platform goes live, the platform’s privacy policy will be made available online.

Q: Will Veteran’s data be used for marketing purposes?
A: No. The collection of personal information for marketing purposes is prohibited under the terms of program and platform.

Last Updated: 11/27/2023
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