New Jersey Safe Haven
Safely and Anonymously Surrender an Infant



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  • Don't Panic. New Jersey has #SafeHaven locations for infants. Legal. Anonymous. Safe for the parent and child. When #RightNow isn't the #RightTime to raise a baby. To learn how the law works visit

  • #NoShame #NoBlame #NoNames. New Jersey's #SafeHaven Law allows an infant up to #30Days old to be surrendered at #24Hour emergency rooms, police and fire stations and rescue squad locations. Safely and anonymously. Learn more at

  • Are you aware that NJ protects babies through our #SafeHaven Law? An infant up to #30Days old can be surrendered anonymously at any #24Hour emergency room, police or fire station, or rescue squad location. Find out more at

  • Have you heard of NJ's #SafeHaven Law for infants up to #30Days old? Babies can be surrendered safely and anonymously to any #24Hour police or fire station, emergency room or rescue squad. You can search for participating locations at

  • Spread the word: New Jersey's #SafeHaven Law protects parents and babies. Since 2000, 90 babies have been safely surrendered and connected to loving homes. Legal. Anonymous. Safe. Find out more at


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Safe Haven general information brochure available in English and Spanish 

Safe Haven brochure including medical questionnaire available in English and Spanish.

Safe Haven Poster (double-sided in both English and Spanish).