About SETC
Dennis M. Bone, Chairman
Dennis M. Bone, Chairman

New Jersey’s Workforce System is an innovative and dynamic talent development engine that fuels the state’s 21st Century ambition for success in a global economy.



The mission of the State Employment and Training Commission (SETC) is to improve the skills of New Jersey’s workforce by creating a coherent, integrated system of employment and training programs and services which, in concert with the efforts of the private sector, will provide each citizen of the State with equal access to the learning opportunities needed to attain and maintain high levels of productivity and earning power.


The SETC partners with business, employees and job seekers, organized labor, and state and county agencies to set policy, develop plans and evaluate the performance of the workforce system to improve the workforce for the economic viability of New Jersey.

The SETC identifies and analyzes critical issues relating to workforce readiness and provides policy guidance to the Governor and to state professionals in the fields of employment, training and education; supports innovative programs that advance collaboration among governmental agencies; and, reports to the Governor on the progress that has been made and the issues that must be addressed in the area of employment, training and education.


The SETC was created by P.L. 1989, Chapter 243. It is incorporated into state statute under NJSA 34:15 [pdf 166kb].


The Governor appoints the Chairman of the SETC and two legislative members. Public members are appointed by the Governor and are confirmed by the Senate. The membership includes representatives from business, organized labor and community-based organizations, state and local education and governmental agencies, and private citizens. Members of the Governor’s Cabinet also serve on the SETC: the Commissioners of the Departments of Community Affairs, Education, Human Services, Labor and Workforce Development, the Secretary of Higher Education, and the CEO of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority. All members serve without compensation. The diverse, bipartisan membership of the SETC insures that all concerned parties can fully participate in developing an effective workforce system for New Jersey.

Interested in serving on the SETC?

To submit your resume for consideration, visit the Governor’s web page for Boards, Commissions and Authorities at http://nj.gov/governor/admin/bca/.