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Document recovery and amnestry public notice missing documents
The missing or alienated original documents listed below are public records of the State of New Jersey as defined by New Jersey Statutes 47:3-16 and subject to legal demand and recovery under 47:3-27 & 28. Be advised that New Jersey State Archives has reported the theft of these and other documents to the New Jersey State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This list and similar postings are not intended to represent the entirety of missing public documents of the State of New Jersey and its subdivisions. Further, this list and similar postings are not intended to necessarily represent the entirety of documents missing from specific record groups.

Please be advised, further, that New Jersey State Archives welcomes the voluntary return of public documents. For more information about statutory authority and procedures as well as amnesty and donations, click here.

Correspondence of Governor William Livingston

17 June 1778 The President of the Continental Congress, at Yorktown, to the Governor—Commenting upon the course of the enemy, calling for reinforcements, and informing him of an embargo laid on provisions of all kinds

10 September 1778 Quarter-Master-General Charles Pettit, at White Plains, to General Washington—Relating to Forage

29 September 1778 Governor Livingston to the Legislature—Enclosing the two foregoing letters

17 September 1778 Jonathan Elmer to the Legislature—Accepting the appointment of Delegate to Congress

2 November 1778 Colonel Benjamin Holme, at Cumberland to the Governor—Resigning his commission

11 November 1778 Nathaniel Scudder, Gouverneur Morris and William Whipple, a Committee of Congress, at Philadelphia, to the Governor—Desiring enquiries to be instituted into the agricultural resources of the states

2 December 1778 P. Scull, Secretary of the Board of War, to the Governor—Answering complaints of a want of clothing by the New Jersey troops

29 April 1779 Frederick Frelinghuysen, Delegate to the Continental Congress, to Caleb Camp, Speaker of the Assembly—Resigning his seat

25 September 1779 Colonel John Taylor, on Raritan, to the Governor—Respecting the State Regiment

27 September 1779 General Washington, at West Point, to the Governor—Recommending vigorous preparations in view of a co-operation with an expected French squadron

27 September 1779 Enos Kelsey, at Princeton, to the Speaker of the Assembly—Giving an estimate of supplies required for the Jersey Brigade

22-25 October 1779 Proceedings of the Legislature of New York, on a proposition of the Legislature of New Jersey, for a general regulation and limitation of Prices

25 October 1779 Pierre Van Cortlandt, President of the Senate, and Evert Bancker, Speaker of the Assembly of the State of New York, to the Governor and Speaker of the Assembly—Transmitting the foregoing Proceedings

30 October 1779 Isaac Collins to the Legislative Council—In answer to a call for the author of an article signed " Cincinnatus," in the New Jersey Gazette

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