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Document recovery and amnestry public notice missing documents
The missing or alienated original documents listed below are public records of the State of New Jersey as defined by New Jersey Statutes 47:3-16 and subject to legal demand and recovery under 47:3-27 & 28. Be advised that New Jersey State Archives has reported the theft of these and other documents to the New Jersey State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This list and similar postings are not intended to represent the entirety of missing public documents of the State of New Jersey and its subdivisions. Further, this list and similar postings are not intended to necessarily represent the entirety of documents missing from specific record groups.

Please be advised, further, that New Jersey State Archives welcomes the voluntary return of public documents. For more information about statutory authority and procedures as well as amnesty and donations, click here.

Miscellaneous Filings of the Office of the Secretary of State

Filing # Description
3 Indian Deed/Transfer of 1758

4 Deed of Newark Academy, 1776

6 Ratification of articles between America and Great Britain, 14 November 1785

7 Treaty of Security and Commerce between the King of Prussia and the United States of America, 17 May 1786

9 Court ordinances, 26 February 1822

54 Papers relative to banks, 1823

57 Delinquent returns of county clerks, 1830 & 1831

71 California seal, 26 February 1851

78 Resolutions of legislatures of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Ohio and Rhode Island relative to slavery in Kansas, 1855 1856

82 Preamble and resolution relative to journal of British Parliament presented by Mr. Duane, Esq., of Philadelphia, 13 March 1856

98 Report of committee to negotiate sale of “land scriptions” assigned by the United States to the State of New Jersey, 30 November 1865

160 United States Department of Agriculture official seal, 29 July 1895

163 Escheat of lands, Bartholomew J. O'Connell, 15 March 1897

174 Determination of Commissioners for City of Trenton, May 31, 1900