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Document recovery and amnestry public notice missing documents The missing or alienated original documents listed below are public records of the State of New Jersey as defined by New Jersey Statutes 47:3-16 and subject to legal demand and recovery under 47:3-27 & 28. Be advised that New Jersey State Archives has reported the theft of these and other documents to the New Jersey State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This list and similar postings are not intended to represent the entirety of missing public documents of the State of New Jersey and its subdivisions. Further, this list and similar postings are not intended to necessarily represent the entirety of documents missing from specific record groups.

Please be advised, further, that New Jersey State Archives welcomes the voluntary return of public documents. For more information about statutory authority and procedures as well as amnesty and donations, click here.


Enrolled Laws of the Royal Colony of New Jersey

31 May 1757 An Act for regulating Indian Affairs, and to prevent the settling of Deer Traps within the Colony of New-Jersey.

22 October 1757 An Act for providing an additional Security, to the Frontiers of this Colony.

15 April 1758 An Act for building of Barracks within this Colony, and for preventing spirituous Liquors being sold to common Soldiers, without leave from proper Authority, and for other purposes therein mentioned.

12 August 1758 An Act to impower certain Persons to purchase the Claims of the Indians to Land in this Colony.

15 March 1759

An Act for raising One Thousand effective Volunteers, Officers included, for his Majesty's Service in the ensuing Campaign, and making Provision for the same; and for other Purposes therein mentioned.

28 November 1760 An Act to explain and fix in what Money the Taxes to the respective sinking Funds shall be hereafter paid into the Treasury.

28 November 1760 An Act to ascertain the Proportion of the Money granted, or to be granted by Parliament, to this Colony, in order to lessen the Sinking Funds in each respective County.

5 December 1760

An Act to provide for the Pay of the New-Jersey Regiment, for the Month of November. One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty; and other incidental Charges.

7 April 1761 An Act for the Relief of Francis Goelet.

7 April 1761

An Act for obviating Doubts respecting the Acts of Assembly passed last Session; and for confirming the Proceedings of the Court of Justice in this Province, since the Demise of his late Majesty.

8 July 1761 An Act to provide for the Inlisting, Cloathing, and Pay of Sixty-six effective Volunteers, Officers included, to be employed in his Majesty's Service from and after the first Day of November next.

12 December 1761 An Act effectually to prevent Horse-Racing and Gaming in the Province of New-Jersey.

12 December 1761 An Act to impower the Church-Wardens and Vestry-Men of St. Peter's Church, in the City of Perth-Amboy, to raise by Lottery, a Sum of Money for repairing the Church, Parsonage, School-House, and Ferry-House in said City.

12 December 1761 An Act to amend and revive an Act, entitled, An Act for the Relief of poor distressed Prisoners for Debt.

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