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There are a variety of government and professional agencies and organizations, vendors, and other resources that may be useful to local government archivists and records managers. Follow the links below to discover what they have to offer.


Records Management and Archival Related Resources

The New Jersey State Archives has compiled these lists of archival, electronic records management and Business Process Analysis (BPA) consultants, as well as a list of supply vendors to aid government agencies, local governments, and other entities searching for companies and individuals providing archival consulting services and supplies. These inventories list organizations and their contact information.

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Legislation, Statutes and Regulations

The following laws govern and/or impact how State and local agencies make, maintain, and manage public records:

  • NJ Administrative Code – Chapter 15:3
  • Title 47 – Public Records
  • Public Law 1920 Chapter 46 (Under Construction)
  • Public Law 1953 Chapter 410: Destruction of Public Records Act PDF
  • Public Law 1994 Chapter 140: Imaging of Public Records Act PDF
  • Public Law 2001 Chapter 116: Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) PDF
  • Public Law 2001 Chapter 404: Open Public Records Act (OPRA) PDF
  • P.L. 2003, c. 117, sections 38 and 39: New Jersey Public Records Preservation Account PDF
  • Circular Letter 10-08-ST - Microfilming of Public Records and Purchase of Micrographic Equipment PDF
  • Circular Letter 97-05-ST - Administration of Public Records of Privatized Functions and Services Website
  • Circular Letter 97-07-SCA - Administration of Public Records of Privatized County and Local Functions and Services Website
  • Circular Letter 01-01-ST - UETA Guidance: Records Management Guidance for Agencies Implementing Electronic Signature Technologies PDF
  • Circular Letter 03-10-ST - Managing Electronic Mail: Guidelines & Best Practices PDF
  • Circular Letter 07-11-OMB - Automated Records Management Systems/Storage & Related Services PDF