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Record Group: Department of Law and Public Safety
Subgroup: New Jersey State Police
Series: Copies of Evidence Photographs — Trial of Bruno Richard Hauptmann for Kidnapping of Charles A. Lindbergh Jr., 1935
Accession #: 1982.048
Series #:  SLCSP001
Guide Date:   3/2007 (JK/EC)
Volume:  0.1 c.f. (24 B&W 8”x10” photographs)


Access Note

In-person use of this material requires special permission from State Archives management.


Content Note

On 1 March 1932, twenty-month-old Charles A. Lindbergh Jr., son of Col. Charles and Anne (Morrow) Lindbergh, was taken from his family’s home in East Amwell Township, Hunterdon County, NJ. Following instructions from the kidnapper, who contacted the family through ransom notes and parcels containing the toddler’s clothing, $50,000 was delivered in April to an unknown man at St. Raymond’s Cemetery, Bronx, NY. In May, a toddler’s remains were found in a grove of trees about four miles from the Lindbergh estate, near Hopewell, NJ. Col. Lindbergh and New Jersey StatePolice identified the body as that of Charles Jr. based on numerous points of identification.

After a lengthy, highly publicized investigation, authorities traced ransom money to Bruno Richard Hauptmann of the Bronx. He was arrested and charged with kidnapping and murder on 19 September 1934. Hauptmann’s sensationalized trial before the Hunterdon County Court of Oyer and Terminer took place in Flemington, NJ, during January-February 1935. He was convicted of first degree murder on 13 February and sentenced to death.

The State’s evidence at trial included testimony and physical objects linking Hauptman to the scene of the crime, linking his handwriting to the ransom notes, and linking the wood used in the kidnap ladder to wood found in Hauptmann’s home and the lumber yard where he was formerly employed. The prosecution further accounted for investments and expenditures by the defendant amounting to the ransom payment less nearly $15,000 in cash discovered on Hauptmann’s property identified through serial numbers as ransom money.

This series consists of copies of 24 B&W photographs created by the New Jersey State Police depicting evidence used at the Hauptmann trial. Note that the original photographs and evidence are held by the New Jersey State Police Museum and Learning Center in West Trenton, NJ, as part of an extensive archive relating to the Lindbergh kidnapping.



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Charles A. Lindbergh Jr., aged 1 year



Remains of Lindbergh baby as discovered near Hopewell

This image is not appropriate for public exhibition.


Remains of Lindbergh baby as discovered near Hopewell, with insets:

a) undershirt found on remains
b) comparison of dimpled chin
c) enlarged photo of turned-in toes

This image is not appropriate for public exhibition.


Garment found on corpse of Lindbergh baby in comparison with clean underpants


Undershirt found on corpse of Lindbergh baby in comparison with clean undershirt


Lindbergh residence, Hopewell - kidnap ladder alongside nursery window


Lindbergh residence, Hopewell - nursery window on second floor with one shutter closed



Montage of kidnap-related posters and photos:

Upper Left: Handwritten police message re kidnapping
Middle Left: Telegram re kidnapping
Lower Left: Reward poster listing Lindbergh ransom money serial numbers
Center: Kidnap poster
Upper Right: Hauptmann at trial
Middle Right: Enlargement of serial number of ransom bill traced to Hauptmann
Lower Right: State Police list of crimes for which Hauptmann's fingerprints were taken


Hauptmann's Dodge; three photos of $10 gold certificate (Lindbergh ransom money) on which Hauptmann's license plate number was written by gas station attendant


Handwriting samples of Hauptmann compared to ransom notes


First and second ransom notes


Hauptmann attic, Bronx - space from which ladder rail #16 was shown to have been removed


Hauptmann attic, Bronx - ladder rail #16 in place on attic floor


Comparison of wood grain in ladder rail #16 with attic floorboard, face and end grain


Ladder rail #16 in Hauptmann attic showing matching nail holes


Hauptmann attic, Bronx - close up of ladder rail #16 in place on attic floor


Comparison of wood grain in ladder rail #16 and attic floorboard, with overlay showing artisti's rendering of missing piece


Comparison of wood grain in ladder rail #16 with attic floorboard


Diagram of milling machine for ladder lumber


Diagram of milling machine cutter head for ladder lumber


Comparison of milling marks in ladder rail #13 with lumber from National Lumber & Millwork Co., New York


Chisel found outside Lindbergh residence and chisel from set belonging to Hauptmann


Wood plane belonging to Hauptmann; comparison of plane markings in ladder rails and rungs


Closet in Hauptmann residence in which address and telephone number of J. F. Condon were found written on wall

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Created March 2007