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Meetings & Events
Public Meetings
The New Jersey State Council on the Arts meets a minimum of five times annually in open public session at which it acts on matters of policy, funding and program development. The Council's Annual Meeting, at which it elects officers, adopts a program plan and budget and approves the majority of grant awards, is traditionally held on the 4th Tuesday in July, in a Trenton, New Jersey location.

Other meetings are conducted at various locations around the state. All are conducted at fully accessible sites and the public is enthusiastically invited to attend. Persons who have sight, hearing or other disabilities are encouraged to notify the Council office one week in advance of any meeting so that appropriate accommodations may be arranged.
The Council also annually and periodically conducts a variety of seminars, meetings, summits and assemblies through which it maintains communication with the constituency and explores key issues.

These include annual Arts Education Summits, an annual Artists' Roundtable, various Constituency Meeting Days and others. Constituency Meetings are a day-long series of 45 minute face-to-face meetings between Council members and Council grantee organizations held four times each year. They are scheduled on a letter of request basis and they fill up fast. For further information on these and other Council assemblies contact the Council Office.
Training Sessions for Arts Organizations
Sensitivity & Audience Engagement - Learn from a panel of individuals with disabilities and seniors on how your organization can effectively communicate, offer assistance and provide a truly welcoming experience for all individuals attending your venue and participating in your activities. In addition, you will learn about Programs & Services you can offer, as well as tips to help in your target marketing.
Organizational Grant Application Workshops
In order to better familiarize prospective applicants with the various organizational grant programs of the Council, it annually conducts a battery of two-hour technical assistance workshops at numerous locations around the state.

These workshops frequently include "business hours", an opportunity for one-on-one consultation with a member of Council staff. Workshops for organizational grants are generally conducted in December for applications to be made in February.
Artists-in-Education Residency Program and Artist Roster Workshops
For the benefit of both artists and schools interested in participating in the Artist-in-Education (AIE) Residency Program, special workshops are conducted to provide technical assistance with the artist roster and school grant process. The AIE Artist Roster Workshops familiarize artists with the application and roster review process in order to become eligible to conduct either AIE or New Jersey Writer’s Project residencies.

The AIE Residency School Grant Workshops provide a step-by-step “walk through” of the complete guidelines, and a question-and-answer period. Workshops are generally conducted October through January in partnership with County Cultural and Heritage Commissions.
Grant Contract and Final Report Workshops
For the benefit of those organizations that are awarded Council grants, special workshops are conducted to familiarize them with the requirements of forming a grant agreement with the Council and making a final report on finances and outcomes. Contract workshops are generally conducted following the July Annual Meeting. Final report workshops are generally held in June.
Folk Arts Apprenticeship Application Workshops
In order to assist apprentice and master artists in all folk and traditional art forms who may be prospective applicants to this program, the Council staff annually conduct a battery of workshops at locations around the state. Workshops for Folk Arts Apprenticeship grants are generally conducted in February and March for applications to be made in April.
Financial and Institutional Stabilization Grants/Cultural Trust
Financial and Institutional Stabilization grants are offered in collaboration with the New Jersey Cultural Trust. This program provides Cultural Trust grants for projects that help organizations increase their financial and operational stability and build their capacity. The Arts Council designs and manages the program that solicits and reviews applications from arts organizations and recommends awards to the Cultural Trust. To be eligible an organization first be designated as "qualified" by the New Jersey Cultural Trust. Workshops for Financial and Institutional Stabilization grants are generally conducted in January for applications to be made in March.
Individual Artist Fellowship Application Workshops
In order to better familiarize artists with the Council's Fellowship Program application and guidelines the Council annually conducts a series of workshops at a variety of locations around the state in June for applications due in July.
Artists and Communities Application Workshops
Cosponsored with the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation, these grants help underwrite the expenses of artist residencies both in New Jersey and the surrounding Mid-Atlantic states to help illuminate how artistic creativity can meet community needs. In order to assist artists and organizations who may be prospective applicants to this program, workshops are conducted annually throughout the state in September for applications due in late November.
Artists' Career Development Seminars
Twice each year, once at a South Jersey location and once at a North Jersey location, the Council conducts day-long seminars on a variety of topics important to the professional development and artistic advancement of New Jersey artists. These gatherings also help connect artists to the many different professional services that address the challenges and issues they face and to each other for the sharing of experience and best practice. The next seminars will be held in late March and early April.
Arts Annuals
Starting in 1984, the Council cosponsored two major exhibitions of the work of New Jersey artists, one in fine arts and the other in crafts, at major New Jersey museums. Beginning in Fiscal Year 2011, the Arts Annual will consist of one exhibition per year starting with Fine Arts in FY11 and Crafts in FY12, and so on.

Each exhibition will continue to be featured at one of the six major New Jersey museums and will be curated by the host museum. The participating museums include The Newark Museum, Montclair Art Museum, Morris Museum, New Jersey State Museum and The Noyes Museum of Art. All artists living and working in New Jersey are invited to submit entries.

The New Jersey State Museum will host the Crafts Annual in 2017.

Please contact the host museum for a prospectus or to be added to the mailing list.
Visual Arts Fellowship Showcase
Every other year, the Council cosponsors a major exhibition of the work of those artists who received fellowships in the preceding awards cycle in painting, sculpture, photography, works on paper, crafts, design and emerging visual arts genres. Participation in this show is a condition of Fellowship acceptance.
Choreography Fellowship Showcase
Every other year, the Council cosponsors at major venues an evening showcase of dance and interdisciplinary performance by the recipients of Council choreography and interdisciplinary performance fellowships from the previous cycle. Participation in this show is a condition of Fellowship acceptance.
Literary Arts Fellowship Reading Series
Every other year, the Council cosponsors a series of readings by the poets, playwrights and prose writers that received Council fellowships from the previous funding cycle. Participation in this series is a condition of Fellowship acceptance.