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The Hon. Tahesha Way, Lt. Governor and Secretary of State

The New Jersey-Israel Commission Launches First Ever Business Outreach Page

The new webpage and contact form will allow Israel-related businesses to better engage with New Jersey and connect our innovation ecosystems


TRENTON, NJ – As New Jersey and Israel continuously enhance their strong technological relations and capitalize on the partnership between the Start Up Nation and the State of Innovation, the New Jersey-Israel Commission has launched a new tool to help Israeli-related businesses engage with the State.

Israel remains one of the leading technological powerhouses worldwide with many Israeli or Israel-related companies across a broad spectrum of industries located in New Jersey. The State’s commanding position adjacent to major U.S. markets, a highly educated workforce, international connectivity, and a diverse economy have made it an ideal landing pad for Israeli businesses looking to expand. Additionally, the strong community ties between the two locales and Israeli-American community in New Jersey remain strong conduits in attracting Israeli minds to the Garden State.

To better serve the ongoing interest of Israeli companies looking to expand, relocate, pilot technologies, or partner within New Jersey, the Commission partnered with the New Jersey Office of Information Technology to develop an innovative tool on the Commission’s website that will easily allow for information to be shared in addition to more efficient communication. Feedback received from the Commission’s various committees helped in the implementation and development process.

The page can be found by visiting

The Commission strongly encourages Israeli companies and organizations to take advantage of the new site and submit their requests.

Under the Murphy Administration, New Jersey has leveraged its global competitive advantages and stood out as a leading state in its relations with Israel in unparalleled ways. Since records began to be kept in 2003, 78% of all recorded Israeli foreign direct investment (FDI) and 69% of all Israeli FDI-related job creation in New Jersey has taken place during the Murphy Administration. Additionally, from 2018 to 2021, FDI from Israel multiplied four times, worth an estimated $347.1M, leading to the creation of 1,120 jobs, including through the entry of new Israeli companies into the state. From 2020 to 2021, New Jersey-Israel trade volume increased by 16.2%, from $1.33B to $1.55B showing strong gains in our economic relations.

“The New Jersey-Israel Commission’s commitment to innovation will continue to bring strong rewards to our state,” said Acting New Jersey Secretary of State Tahesha Way. “New Jersey is open for business and I applaud this effort to reduce barriers to Israeli institutions wishing to engage with us.”

“Delivering technology solutions for our Agency’s customer needs is why we’re here,” said Chris Rein, New Jersey Chief Technology Officer. “Working with the Commission has been a terrific partnership and I’m quite proud of Vernon Spencer and his team who have built this portal using a modern development platform and leveraging our internal skills within the Office of Information Technology.”

“Today is a major achievement as we increase accessibility and communication with our Israeli partners” said Karin Elkis, Co-Chair, New Jersey-Israel Commission. “This new tool, developed through feedback from our Commission members, is yet another enhancement to our important mission.”

“We remain fully committed to supporting New Jersey’s economic partnerships with Israel,” said Mark S. Levenson, Co-Chair, New Jersey-Israel Commission. “Today is another example of this Commission delivering to make it even easier and more efficient for our Israeli friends to reach us and build opportunities within New Jersey.”

“The only way to attract more innovation is through innovation itself,” said Andrew H Gross, Executive Director of the New Jersey-Israel Commission. “This new feature we are deploying is a demonstration of our commitment to streamline processes, utilize new technologies, and ensure that Israeli entities interested in New Jersey receive the attention they need.”

About the New Jersey-Israel Commission
The New Jersey-Israel Commission was established in 1989 to implement the goals of the New Jersey-Israel Sister State Agreement and is under the administration of New Jersey Department of State. The Commission promotes the development of trade, culture and educational exchanges; encourages the development of capital investment and joint business ventures; and fosters a spirit of cooperation between the citizens of the State of Israel and the State of New Jersey.


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