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Department of State

The Hon. Tahesha Way, Lt. Governor and Secretary of State

Warehouse Siting Guidance Plan Issued to Assist Municipalities

TRENTON, NJ – The Office of Planning Advocacy in the Department of State’s Business Action Center, on behalf of the NJ State Planning Commission, has issued guidance on warehouse siting to help municipalities address increasingly high demand for warehouse space.

New Jersey is an ideal location for warehouse and distribution facilities, due in large part to the state’s proximity to nearby ports and transportation corridors. The pressure to add more facilities has increased as a result of e-commerce growth, partially as a result of the recent pandemic. The logistics industry is important to New Jersey’s economic sustainability. However, more warehouses add pressure to the state’s road and water infrastructure, the environment, overburdened communities and pristine farmland.

“I am pleased to present this guidance for municipalities that are looking for ways to provide economic opportunities while also protecting New Jersey’s critical infrastructure and environmental assets,” said Donna Rendeiro, Executive Director of the Office of Planning Advocacy and the State Planning Commission. “I look forward to working with our State agency and planning partners, as well as interested public members, toward providing guidance and technical assistance on this critical issue.”

“The logistics industry is vital to New Jersey’s business community – both large and small – and it’s essential that we assist our municipalities in providing economic drivers in a sustainable manner,” added Melanie Willoughby, Executive Director of the New Jersey Business Action Center.

Acting Secretary of State Tahesha Way stated, “We are committed to working collaboratively to provide solutions that can maintain our economic advantage and help communities manage their resources to meet the needs of their residents. I am happy that we are able to contribute to the conversation.”

The guidance will be open for public comment until July 29th, at which point the final draft will be presented to the State Planning Commission for approval at its August 3rd meeting. It can be found on the Office’s website at Comments can be submitted to the Office at


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