Department of Transportation

Winter Operations Support Team (WOST)

The New Jersey Department of Transportation’s (NJDOT) Winter Operations Support Team (WOST) program supplements staff in performing winter maintenance. Maintaining the roadways and DOT Facilities during winter storms for safe travel can demand around-the-clock coverage that could continue for many days. With this intense requirement it is necessary for additional staffing levels during winter storms.

New Jersey State employees are asked to become members of the WOST program providing their agency/department and management authorizes their commitment to the program.

Members can apply for work in these programs under two separate work areas:

“Highway Crews” – where you can be assigned to one of the 66 maintenance crews around the State that may have a need for additional staff or “Facilities Maintenance” – where you can be assigned to work at one of seven property locations maintained by the DOT.

In the Highway Crew area applicants can apply to work in two ways:

  • As a Truck Driver performing both the plowing and spreading functions on State highways. A CDL Class B with no Air Brake Restriction is required to work in this position.
  • As an Operations Representative overseeing one or more plowing and/or spreading contracts on State highways.

In the Facilities area applicants can apply to work in assisting Facilities Maintenance staff with snow removal and salt spreading functions at State DOT facilities with manual and equipment assisted labor.

However, applicants can only apply for one program area.

For more information about the WOST program read: Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated date: June 14, 2023 11:39 AM