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Bridges and Structures Design Manual 6th Edition

This Manual, supplemented by other NJDOT Baseline Documents and operating procedures and policies, is the vehicle by which the design of bridges and structures is implemented. Presented herein is a compilation of NJDOT Structural Design guidance, specification interpretations, standard practices, details and standards.

Good design practice will always require a combination of basic engineering principles, experience and judgment in order to furnish the best possible structure to suit an individual site within reasonable economic limitations. it does not preclude justifiable exceptions, subject to the approval of the Manager, Bureau of Structural Engineering, provided the exceptions are based on sound engineering principles.

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BDC18MB-01 (June 4, 2018)
BDC16MB-01 (October 7, 2016)

Design Manual for Bridges and Structures 6th Edition (pdf 31m)

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