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This Manual, in general, covers surveying policies, procedures, and appropriate reference material. It is not a textbook or a contract document, nor is it a substitute for surveying knowledge, experience, or judgement. Although portions include textbook material, this Manual does not attempt to completely cover any facet of surveying. General policies and procedures, such as those related to safety, that apply to all NJDOT employees are not reviewed in this manual. They are omitted from the survey manual for two reasons. The first is to avoid inconsistencies and disparity between this manual and other established NJDOT policies and procedures. The second reason for not including them here is to avoid unnecessary revisions of this manual whenever policies and procedures change.

Chapter Index
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1 - Introduction
  • Chapter 2 - Control Surveys and State Plane Coordinate Systems
  • Chapter 3 - Surveying Measurements
  • Chapter 4 - GPS Surveys
  • Chapter 5 - Surveying Equipment
  • Chapter 6 - Survey Procedures
  • Chapter 7 - Photogrammetric Surveys
  • Chapter 8 - Terrestrial Laser Scanning
  • Chapter 9 - Mobile Terrestrial Laser Scanning
  • Chapter 10 - Airborn LiDAR
  • Chapter 11 - Survey Report
  • Appendices
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