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Superseded Announcements

Superseded Announcements are notices that have been eliminated or replaced by a more recent announcement. Announcements include (Baseline Document Change (BDC), Corrective Action Notice (CAN), Quality Improvement Advisory (QIA) and All Design Unit (ADU) Memorandums.

ADUs were issued from 1941 until 1996 and are available in four zip files - ADU1941to1979, ADU1980to1989, ADU1990to1993 and ADU1994to1996. If a required superseded document is not provided below, please contact the Design Document Management Office at 609-963-1090.

Document Codes:
D   - Construction Detail PR - Procedure
MB - Design Manual, Bridge S   - Specification
MR - Design Manual, Roadway T   - Other
Implementation Codes are available in BDC03T-06, and the Standard Distribution procedure is available in BDC03T-04.

BDC/CAN/QIA Number and Description
11/22/2023 BDC23S-15 - Shear Test Requirement - Revisions to Subparts 401.03.07 and 401.03.08, and the addition of Test Method NJDOT B-14 to the 2019 Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction. Superseded by CAN096.
2/14/2023 QIA 059 Building a Better America Project Funding Source Sign Assembly (IIJA Construction Identification Sign). See the following attachments for
CD-159-IIJA.1 PDF and DGN
CD-159-IIJA.2 PDF and DGN
Superseded by QIA 059R

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