Department of Transportation

Pavement Design & Technology

To assist in the cost effective and efficient design and construction of roadway pavements, NJDOT presents the following guidance, presentations, web links and examples:

Design Examples
Composite Pavement Overlay (pdf 28k)

Flexible Pavement (pdf 16k)

Flexible Pavement Overlay (pdf 23k)

Pavement Presentations
The presentations and/or training are provided for reference purpose and may not be applicable in the fullest extent to specific projects. Design decisions are not to be made solely on the presentations and/or training. The Presentations and/or Trainings presented here have been prepared based on the practices and methodologies that were current at the time of preparation. Training and/or Presentations may have been updated and/or modified or may have been obsolete. Please contact the Pavement design Unit for most updated information of design policy and/or current Specifications for a specific project.


Download the following presentations:
Software Demonstration (swf 373k)

Software: NJ Companion Manual to AASHTO 1993 Design Guide (swf 1.3m)

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