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I-80 Rockfall Mitigation Photo

Alternative Analysis

Viable alternatives are evaluated following the rockfall hazard mitigation approach hierarchy of (1) removal; (2) stabilization; and (3) protection.

Several factors are considered in determining the viability of the concepts including but not limited to cost, constructability, environmental impacts, and rockfall retention requirements.

Alternatives Comparison Matrix
alt matrix
No Build Alternative
Mass Excavation
Loose rocks, cobbles and debris collected, boulders broken up and scaled
Temporary ROW Impacts
Rockfall source areas are temporarily mitigated on National Park Service lands without using permanent rock stabilization techniques
Permanent ROW Impacts
Rockfall source areas are permanently mitigated and safely secured on National Park Service lands
Double Fence
Construct double fence along portion of highway
Rockfall Berm
Construct large rockfall barrier along portion of highway
Retaining Wall
Construct large wall along portion of highway
Rockfall Shed over Highway
Construct structural shed over all 4 lanes of Route 80
Preliminary Preferred Alternative
The Preliminary Preferred Alternative is the Rockfall Berm.

View from Highway
View from Pennsylania
Visual Treatment Options
Types of Mesh
Rock Mesh
Spidernet Mesh
Tecco Mesh
Ringnet Mesh

Types of vegetation:
Common Milkwood
Butterfly Milkweed
Common Yarrow
Lanceleaf Tickseed
Smooth Aster
Early Goldenrod
Black-eyed Susan
Foxglove Beardtongue
Spreading Fescue

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