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Data Miner  
   blue bullet   Site Search Sites or individuals regulated by NJDEP.
   blue bullet   Inspection Reports When & where we inspect facilities in your neighborhood.
   blue bullet   Violations Reports What violations of environmental laws and permit conditions were found    or were reported to us.
   blue bullet   Incident Reports What environmental incidents were reported to NJDEP in your
   blue bullet   Enforcement Action Reports What type of enforcement actions were issued.
   blue bullet   Stewardship Reports  Link to stewardship reports
   blue bullet   All Report Categories List of all C&E Data Miner Reports by category
   blue bullet   Term Definitions Term Definitions for Data Miner Reports
   blue bullet   Data Miner Tutorial Data Miner Tutorial - step by step instructions to mine data in the New   Jersey Management System (NJEMS).
Graphs and tables of the annual output of site inspections, submittal reviews and enforcement actions by program, since 2002.
Graphs and tables of the percentage of facilities or entities that were in compliance based on site inspections by program, since 2002.

A comprehensive annual report prepared by Compliance & Enforcement (C&E) that highlights many of the significant and noteworthy compliance and enforcement activities accomplished by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (Department) during the fiscal year period.

Included in these reports are highlights for C&E as well as Dam Safety, Fish and Wildlife, Parks and Forestry, Pollution Prevention and Right to Know, Radiation Protection, Release Prevention and Site Remediation.

Reports are available for the past two years.
The New Jersey DEP Enforcement Blotter lists enforcement actions taken by the Department addressing environmental violations with regard to land owners, commercial businesses, utilities or industrial operations within the past 14 days. This report is now available in a version where you can select by date range.
The New Jersey DEP Site Visit Blotter lists all site visits conducted by enforcement staff within the past 14 days. This report is now available in a version where you can select by date range.

The County Environmental Health Act (CEHA) authorizes county health agencies to perform environmental inspections on behalf the the DEP. The reports show the number of inspections completed by the county agencies as well as the number of complaints responded to by the counties under the County Environmental Health Act.

Reports are available beginning in 2001 onward.

The Clean Water Enforcement Act (CWEA) requires the department to submit a report on the implementation of the CWEA's requirements to the Governor and the legislature.

Reports are available online for the years 2001 onward.

This monitoring data was required by an Administrative Consent Order (Activity number NEA100001; Program Interest ID 47138) issued to the New Jersey Sports and Expostion Authority, effective 5/10/10. The monitoring results cannot be compared to any regulatory standard or permit limit but will be used as additional information in evaluating the effectiveness of steps taken to reduce pollutant loading to Branchport creek.
All News Releases are available on line. Follow this link to list all DEP News Releases.

If you received a compliance letter click here to access inspection details and provide feedback.

On July 7, 2002, P.L. 2001, c. 404, also known as the Open Public Records Act (OPRA), became effective. This law enacted changes concerning public access to government records. This OPRA law expands the public's right of access to government records and facilitates the way in which that access is provided by the custodian of those records. Section 18 of the law authorizes public agencies to take anticipatory administrative action in advance as may be necessary for the smooth and efficient implementation of the act.

More on NJDEP's implementation of OPRA

Compliance and Enforcement has created an advisory system to help you quickly and easily recognize the intent and utility of its various outreach efforts. Each advisory will follow a common abbreviated format to outline the issue, help you determine if you are affected, describe what you can do, and how to get more information. Besides posting Compliance Advisories on the web, where possible, a target audience will be reached by distribution to various industry associations, interest groups or through direct mailings.
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