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Community Relations Community Relations Site List New Jersey Natural Gas Company Long Branch Plant


New Jersey Natural Gas Company Long Branch Plant
(aka Long Branch Manufactured Gas Plant)

100 Brook Street
Long Branch City, Monmouth County
PI #: 21314

Community Relations Coordinator: Heather Swartz (609) 984-7135

As of 27 September 2004

This site is a 17-acre property located in a primarily residential area of Long Branch. Troutmans Creek, a tributary of the Shrewsbury River, flows through the site. Between 1860 and the 1950s, a series of utility companies operated a manufactured gas plant (MGP) at the property that extracted gas from coal. This process generated a viscous waste known as coal tar, which leaked into the ground. Although MGP operations were phased out more than 50 years ago, contaminants from the operations remained in the soil, sediments, and ground water. The primary contaminants associated with the MGP residues are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and metals.

New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG) acquired the site in 1952, when it purchased the natural gas properties of Jersey Central Power & Light. The City of Long Branch and several private individuals also currently own portions of the former MGP site, including the original Jerry Morgan Park. NJNG has been addressing the soil, sediment, and ground water contamination that resulted from the MGP’s operations since entering into an Administrative Consent Order with NJDEP in 1991. NJNG has removed contaminated soil from the former MGP and several off-site areas, including the original Jerry Morgan Park, backfilled the excavated areas with clean soil, and installed engineering controls. (A new Jerry Morgan Park was constructed on a nearby lot.) NJNG has also removed contaminated sediment from the majority of the on-site portion of Troutmans Creek and plans to remove additional sediment in the future. To facilitate remediation of the Seaview Manor Housing Development, NJNG will demolish the adjacent residential buildings that are owned by the Long Branch Housing Authority and remove contaminated soil from these properties. This work is expected to begin in late 2004. Additional on-site and off-site remediation of soil and product is planned once NJNG negotiates final arrangements with the affected property owners.

As noted above, NJNG has removed most of the contaminated sediments from the portion of Troutmans Creek that runs through the site and is working with NJDEP to delineate the sediment contamination in the off-site portion of the creek north of the site. The results of this sampling will be used to determine the extent of remediation that NJNG will be required to conduct in the off-site portion of Troutmans Creek.

NJNG must also remediate the ground water contamination associated with the former MGP and is currently evaluating ground water quality by sampling on-site and off-site monitor wells. The data obtained from the sampling will allow NJNG to determine the extent of ground water contamination and design an appropriate remedial action.

Remediation is being conducted and planned at four areas associated with the former Long Branch Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP). These areas are:

  • the former MGP (including the former Conrail properties, eastern off-site property, and former Jerry Morgan Park)
  • the off-site portion of Troutmans Creek that flows north of the MGP
  • residential areas where the community has expressed concern about potential soil contamination (Long Branch Avenue, Seaview Avenue, Grant Court and Ellis Avenue)
  • the former Seaview Manor housing complex

All work is consistent with NJDEP’s Technical Requirements for Site Remediation, which were developed to ensure remedial actions protect human health and the environment.

For historical information about activities that NJDEP and NJNG have conducted at these areas, please refer below to the monthly updates NJDEP has provided to CCC since January 2005. For more information, see NJDEP’s Environmental Justice web page at

Monthly Updates

These reports were provided in response to a request by the Concerned Citizens Coalition of Long Branch (CCC) for monthly updates from the Site Remediation Program (SRP) on work conducted and planned at four areas associated with the former Long Branch Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP).

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