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Guidance DocumentsSRP-EDI ManualAppendix 2: Steps for Using the NJDEP Bulletin Board System (BBS) [Historical]


Appendix 2: Steps for Using the NJDEP Bulletin Board System (BBS)

[Note: The DEP Bulletin Board System is no longer available. This Appendix is no longer applicable to data interchange with the SRP.]

  1. Start up a modem communications program such as HyperTerm, Qmodem, Procomm, etc. The preferred file transfer protocol to be used for sending the file(s) is ZMODEM. If this transfer protocol is not available, XMODEM or YMODEM can be used. Review how to set up the file transfer protocols for your modem communications program.
  2. Call the NJDEP BBS at 609-292-2006.
  3. Login in. If this is your first time logging into the NJDEP BBS, you will need to fill out an online registration form.
  4. Select P (for Program Areas) from the DEP Main Menu.
  5. Select 8 (for Site Remediation) from the DEP Programs Main Menu.
  6. Select F (for File Menu) from the Site Remediation Program Area Menu.
  7. Select U (for Upload File(s)). The file area for Hazsite Uploads is 172.
  8. Enter the name of the file you are uploading and start the upload.
  9. Logoff when done.


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Any references to the DEP computer bulletin board system (DEP BBS) are now historical references. The DEP BBS is no longer online.