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Chrome Update 30 (August 2001)


TO: Hudson County Chromate Waste Sites Mailing List

FROM: Ronald T. Corcory, Project Coordinator, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

SUBJECT: Hudson County Chromate Update #30, August 2001

The following is a summary of significant developments that have occurred between May 2000 and June 2001 regarding the Hudson County Chromate Waste Sites.


As of July 17, 2000, Honeywell has spent $9,079,000 for the planning and execution of the Remedial Investigation (RI) and $3,017,370 for remedial actions at the Administrative Consent Order sites. This brings Honeywell near the apex of their on-site investigative efforts and begins off-site delineation and remedial actions. Specifically, remedial action work plans have been approved for Site 144, Section C (see details below) and Site 163. This remedial work is expected to begin shortly.

The City of Bayonne is currently in the final planning stages for the construction of a "Passive Waterfront Park and Environmental Education Walkway". The location of the Park is north of 48th Street and comprises Hudson County Chromate Site 144 (section C) and Site 166. These two sites have received remedial action work plan approvals from the Department and construction will begin this summer. The proposed remedial alternative for these sites include a removal action at Site 166 and the installation of a synthetic cap, stone placement at Site 144. In addition to the latter engineering controls, the site will also have an institutional control to preclude future activities.

Chemical Land Holdings (CLH)

As of April 9, 2001, CLH has spent $34,333,455 for the planning and execution of the RI and $22,503,606 on remedial actions at the ACO sites. Similar to Honeywell, CLH has also completed their on-site delineation effort. The primary focus of their effort is now the remedial actions at their most difficult sites. To date, 16 CLH Chromium sites have received No Further Action determinations (please see attached status table).

Since the last Hudson County Chromium Update, CLH obtained unconditional No Further Action determinations on Sites 47, 55 & 56. A conditional NFA was granted on Site 40. In addition, CLH received a remedial action work plan approval for Site 48.

PPG Industries, Incorporated

The Draft RI Report for Group 1 (Site 156 - Gregory Park Apartments) was submitted to DEP at the end of June.

The construction phase of the Remedial Action for Group 2 (Site 008 - DEP Green Acres Site) was completed in mid-June. The Remedial Action Report is expected to be submitted this summer.

For Groups 3 & 5 (Sites 002,003,004,005,066 & 112 - Caven Point #1,#2,#3,#4,#5 and Ultramar Petroleum #1) the Remedial Action has been underway since April and will continue through the next quarter.

The Remedial Action Workplan was conditionally approved in April for Group 4 (Site 112a - Ultramar Petroleum #2).

July 2, 1993 Allied Signal Directive Sites and Orphan Sites Groups 1 & 2

The Preliminary Site Characterization (PSC) soil investigations have been completed at all twenty-three (23) sites in the Allied Directive group. These sites are numbered 007, 015, 019, 067, 068, 069, 070, 091, 092, 093, 094, 097, 098, 099, 100, 101, 130, 165, 172, 175, 178, 183 and 185. All of the PSC analytical data from these investigations have been validated. The results and recommendations will be presented in the PSC Remedial Investigation (RI) reports. Monitor wells have been installed at sites 007, 015, 019, 068, 070, 091, 092, 093, 094, 099, 100, 101, 130, 165, 172, 175, 183 and 185. Building inspections have been completed at nineteen (19) sites. PSC surface water and sediment sampling has been completed at sites 015, 068, 091 and 165. Initial PSC soil sampling has been completed at all twenty-three (23) sites under the Allied Directive category. PSC Remedial Investigation Reports have been completed for sites numbered 015,067,091, 094, 165,172,175,178,183 & 185. Final site characterization is anticipated to begin by the end of 2001. Problems with data validation, along with resampling required to replace rejected data, has delayed this portion of the project.

A PSC plan with Final Recommendations has been developed for Site 175. The recommended action for this site is a small-scale removal and does not require inclusion in the Final Site Characterization (FSC). Plans to remove a small area of contaminated soil with off-site disposal are moving forward for Site 175. After post-excavation sampling confirms the contamination has been removed, the excavation will be back-filled with clean soil and Site 175 will receive a No Further Action letter.

In 2000 NJDEP engaged a new contractor, Louis Berger Group, to complete the Orphan Site #1 Remedial Investigation at 10 chromium sites. Final Site Characterization will be conducted by Berger during fall/winter of 2001 at the following seven sites: 017, 020, 077, 086, 174, 180 & 186. Preliminary Site Characterization (PSC) will be completed in the same time period at the following three sites: 150, 152 & 177.

Small-scale remedial actions are tentatively planned in 2001 for sites 021, 086 & 174. NJDEP will be preparing Action Memorandums for these sites during the summer of 2001.

Based on PSC work completed by NJDEP during 2000, sites 138 & 162 will not require any further action and will be closed out.

Due to the complexity and large size of site 139, NJDEP will be conducting an in-house sampling effort during the summer of 2001. NJDEP will use the results from this effort to decide whether to prepare a Request for Proposals and bid out the PSC work or proceed to a presumptive remedy.

The Orphan 2 group of sites consists of 15 sites. L. ROBERT KIMBALL and Associates are currently investigating the four highest priority sites. Priority was determined by potential exposure and size. Those sites are Site 192 (Turnpike Authority Pier 10S); Site 198 (Hartz Mountain); Site 206 (Polarome); and, Site 207 (Garfield Avenue).

The draft Site Specific Investigation Plans (SSIP) for Sites 192, 206 and 207 have been approved and NJDEP is awaiting the final report. The draft SSIP for Site 198 is currently being reviewed. The contracts for the implementation of the work for all four sites are currently being processed. The start of fieldwork is expected to begin before the end of 2001.

General Chromium Site Status

Below is the Chromite Ore Processing Residue Sites Status table which summarizes the phase of all known chromium sites, sorted by responsible party. A copy of the updated Chrome Sites list is attached. Note that this list does not include sites that have been remediated and are now under the category of "No Further Action" (NFA).

Chromite Ore Processing Residue Sites Status
June 30, 2001

May 24, 1999


Active Sites
Remediation Investigations


Total Sites

Allied Signal

21 1 22

Allied Directive

24   24


2   2

Chemical Land Holdings

22 16 38

PPG Industries

24 37 61

NJDEP Orphan Site #1

14 1 15

NJDEP Orphan Site #2

15   15


1 2 3


123 57 180


Sites Cleaned-Up with "Entire Site - No Further Action (NFA-E) Determinations" (36 Residential and 21 Non-Residential). Approximately 32% of all Hudson County Chromium Sites have been investigated and Cleaned-up to-date.