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Professional Services

Certified Payroll Requirements

Effective January 1, 2005 quarterly wage rate approvals are no longer required by the Department.

In lieu of quarterly wage rates, Consultants are required to submit a Certified Payroll to the Department's Contract Manager at the time of; (1) agreement, (2) task order, (3) consultant agreement modification, and/or (4) consultant agreement addendum. The certified payroll roster is required for the prime and all cost basis approved subconsultants and will be forwarded to the Division of Accounting & Auditing as an attachment to the cost proposal. All titles listed on the Certified Payroll must be approved by Professional Services. Consultant titles should be the same on Title Concurrence Sheets, Certified Payroll, Cost Proposals, and Invoices. See Title Concurrence for additional information and instructions.

Instructions for completion of Certified Payroll forms:

  1. All ASCE grades should be listed by each employee then grouped and averaged together by ASCE grade.
  2. Any dissimilar titles within the same ASCE grade must be grouped together by similar title, and averaged according to similar title.
  3. You may add names, titles, and ASCE grades as needed, each ASCE grade need not be listed on separate pages.
  4. Certified Payroll from prime and subconsultant staff must be listed on separate pages.
  5. The Consultant Signatory Statement for a prime or a subconsultant must appear on each page of the certified payroll. The Principal of the Firm for the prime consultant must sign for the prime, and the Principal of the Firm for the subconsultant must sign for the subconsultant.
These forms are optional; your firm may use its own format as long as all required information is listed. If you choose to use these forms, rows and pages may be added and deleted as necessary.

Exhibit - Certified Payroll Form (xls 24k)

Blank - Certified Payroll Form (xls 19k)

Certified Payroll FAQs

Retroactive Wage Rates

  1. If Auditing determines that wage rates were not approved for certain individuals listed on an invoice, a retroactive wage rate approval is required. Retroactive approvals are also required for individuals missed on a certified payroll roster.
  2. The Consultant must submit a retroactive approval letter to the Department's Contract Manager with a concurrence line for the Contract Manager's signature. The wage rates must include the individual's name, title, ASCE Grade, actual hourly rate, and timeframe in question. The Consultant Signatory Statement must also appear on the letter.
  3. The Contract Manager verifies that the individual(s) worked on the project during the timeframe specified, signs and forwards the letter to Professional Services for approval.
  4. Professional Services reviews the retroactive request for appropriate titles, rates, and timeframes when the work was performed on the project.
  5. Professional Services certifies that the retroactive wage rates are satisfactory and gives final approval for the employees to be paid as invoiced.
  6. Copies of the approved retroactive wage rates are distributed to the (1) Consultant, (2) Bureau of Auditing, and (3) Contract Manager. Professional Services retains the original.
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