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Capital Project Delivery


What's New

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) continues to work with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the consultant community to update and refine the Project Delivery process.

February 2016
Capital Project Delivery (CPD) Guidance Update

The CPD guidance has been updated to reorganize and complete pavement design and specification activities and to formalize the activities associated with Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs). New pavement activities "Verify Pavement Design Recommendation" (4205) and "Obtain Pavement Specification" (4282) and new TRO activities "Investigate Need for Traffic Regulation Orders" (2485), "Confirm Need for Traffic Regulation Orders" (4280), and "Issue Traffic Regulation Orders" (5155) have been added to the CPD guidance.

February 2016
Scope Statement Templates Revision

The Preliminary Engineering (PE), Final Design (FD) and Limited Scope FD Scope Statement (SS) templates were updated with input from Division of Project Management (DPM) leadership, Mobility and Systems Engineering and Program Support. The update consists of revising the order of SS Template approval, revising the Traffic Ops and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) section to include real time work zone ITS items, and revising the Quality Management Services and Value Engineering/Risk sections due to organizational changes.

January 2016
Problem Screening Guidance Revision

The Problem Screening phase guidance has been revised to combine the former Tier 1 and Tier 2 screening efforts into a singular screening in order to eliminate duplicate work and reduce problem screening durations and costs.

December 2015
Cost Estimating Guideline Projects Update

The Cost Estimating Guideline (pdf 2.7m) has been revised to update the criteria for identifying High/Low and Significant/Major contract bid items, as well as updates to the Bid Analysis process.

December 2015
Projects of Division Interest (PoDI) Projects Update

The Performance Year (PY) PoDIs for 2015 have been updated. PoDIs for PY 2014 through PY 2016 are available in the Process Summaries - Stewardship and Oversight Agreement area.

October 2015
Limited Scope Concept Development (CD) Bridge Checklist Update

The Limited Scope CD Bridge Checklist has been revised to include Bike/Pedestrian as one of the Offices/Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) consulted.

October 2015
Construction Phase Guidance Update

The Construction Phase Activity Description guidance document has been revised per DPM concerns, to reflect reducing the duration between advertise and bid from 20 days to 15 days.


September 2015
Utility Management Process Update

The NJDOT Office of Utility Management has created a process summary webpage to provide designers with an overview of the utility management process, as well as, a source for guidance documents and templates for use on capital projects. The following is an overview of what has changed in the overall CPD Process with regards to utility management:

  • Letter Number 1 has been changed to "Utility Contact Letter"
  • Letter Number 2 has been changed to "Utility Verification Request Letter"
  • A new activity - 4085 "Conduct Supplemental Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)" - has been added to the beginning of Final Design to allow for supplemental SUE to be performed if necessary

September 2015
CPD Guidance Update

All CPD guidance documents have been revised to reflect the recent organizational title change from Program Managers to Executive Regional Managers.


July 2015
Stewardship Agreement Update

The NJDOT and FHWA have executed a new Stewardship and Oversight Agreement on Project Assumption and Program Oversight. This agreement supersedes the Project-Level Risk-Based Stewardship and Oversight Agreement, which contained the PY PoDIs for 2014 and 2015. These PoDIs along with PY 2016 PoDIs are available on the Stewardship Agreement process summary webpage.

February 2015
Limited Scope Concept Development Report Example

The Limited Scope Report Templates and Examples have been updated to contain a second Limited Scope Concept Development Report Bridge Example for Non-Interstate roadways.


February 2015
Cost Estimating Guideline

The Project Management Office (PMO), with significant input from NJDOT's SMEs, has assembled a comprehensive Cost Estimating Guideline (pdf 2.7m). The purpose of this new guideline is to provide guidance to NJDOT employees and others in the methodology for developing, documenting and reviewing construction cost estimates throughout the project development process. The Cost Estimating Guideline is located on the Cost Management Process Summary web page.


February 2015
Scope Statement Template Update

The Limited Scope Concept Development Scope Statement Template and the Limited Scope Final Design Scope Statement Template have been updated so the drop-down list for Project Classification for all of the Scope Statements directly correspond with Project Classification within the Project Reporting System (PRS).


February 2015
Limited Scope Report Template Update

The Limited Scope Report Templates and Examples have been updated to remove all references to a completed Categorical Exclusion Document (CED). Activity Descriptions for Limited Scope Activities have been updated to reflect that the environmental document is submitted to FHWA with the Final Design Authorization Package and not to be included as an appendix within the Limited Scope Concept Development Report.

January 2015
Risk Management Guidance Update

The Risk Management guidance has been updated to reflect that formal Risk Management will be implemented for all Capital Projects. All watermarks and other "pilot program" notations have been removed from all Risk Management documentation and guidance.


January 2015
Limited Scope CD Update

The Limited Scope CD Pavement Checklist and the Limited Scope CD Thin Surface Treatment Checklist were revised due to DPM input.

January 2015 Limited Scope CD Update

A Limited Scope CD Concrete Pavement Repair Checklist was added for use on projects where the Pavement Design group identifies and the Pavement Recommendation Report confirms concrete roadways that need repair but not reconstruction.


January 2015
Final Design Guideline Update

To be consistent with the language in the revised Stewardship and Oversight Agreement with FHWA, the "Full Oversight Only” designation listed in the activity descriptions, “Prepare Pre-PS&E Package” (4835) and “FHWA Reviews Pre-PS&E” (4845), have been revised to “PoDI Only”.

December 2014
Concept Development Guideline Update

The "Hold Public Information Center (2460)" activity of the Concept Development Guideline has been updated. The revision provides additional information on the appropriate level of detail for plans being presented to the public.


Quality Management Certifications Update

The Quality Management Certifications were updated to indicate the date shall be included with each signature.

Risk Management

NJDOT Senior Management has authorized several capital projects to begin a "pilot program" to determine the effectiveness of a formal Risk Management Process. These pilot projects shall utilize the guidance provided on the Risk Management process web page to implement the proposed NJDOT Risk Management Process.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions on the Capital Project Delivery Web site was updated based on comments and suggestions received through the Contact Us web page.


Best Practices

The I-295/I-76/Route 42 Direct Connection project has been added to Best Practices and outlines specific practices used to implement a successful Environmental Impact Statement Process.
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