Located in, but not of, the State Agriculture Development Committee, the State TDR Bank functions under the direction of a 10-member board of directors. Under their guidance the major tasks of the State TDR Bank include:

  • The purchase, or provision of matching grants for the purchase, of 80 percent of the value of development potential from properties within designated TDR sending areas;
  • The provision of a financial guarantee with respect to any loan secured using development potential as collateral;
  • The provision of planning assistance grants to municipalities to help cover the cost of preparing the planning documents required to enact viable TDR ordinances;
  • Service as a development transfer bank for any municipality that has adopted a development transfer ordinance, or any county in which at least one municipality has adopted a development transfer ordinance; and
  • The establishment and maintenance of a Development Potential Transfer Registry to record all development potential transfers.


Douglas H. Fisher, Chairperson
Secretary of Agriculture
Alternate: Monique Purcell

Marlene Caride,
Commissioner of Banking and Insurance
Represented by:

Lt. Governor Sheila Y. Oliver,
Commissioner of Community Affairs
Represented by: 

Edward J. McKenna, Jr. 
Chair, State Planning Commission
Represented by: 

Elizabeth Maher Muoio,
State Treasurer
Represented by:

Nancy Tindall
President, ANJEC Board of Trustees
Represented by:

Catherine R. McCabe,
Commissioner of Environmental Protection
Represented by: 

Mitchell Jones
President, State Board of Agriculture

Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti,
Commissioner of Transportation
Represented by:

Public Member:
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September 8, 2015


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November 22, 2010


NJ State TDR Bank Regulations (N.J.A.C. 2:77)

Appraisal Guidelines