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Application for Second Eligibility Period


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Applications, Reports, & Public Notice for Second ZEC Eligibility Period



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Prehearing Order - March 4, 2021
Prehearing Order on Scheduling and Prehearing Conference, and Pro Hac Vice Motions - Feb. 25, 2021
Prehearing Orders on Schedule, Outstanding Issues, and Evidentiary Hearings - December 18, 2020
Order on Motions and Access to Confidential Information - Sept. 29, 2020
Motions to Intervene and Participate, and Access to Confidential Information - Sept. 15, 2020






ZEC Prehearing Order with Procedural Schedule - Sept. 10, 2020


Notice of Intent to File


Comments Received on Draft Application, July 20, 2020
Public Notice & Draft Application



Board Orders
8-12-20-9A Order - Establishes application process for Second Eligibility Period and approves issuance of RFQ


5-20-20-9B Order - Board approved Staff's recommendations on forward steps in ZEC program